1/16 scale kits coming from Trumpeter for 2023/4

38t with SiG 150mm, Marder III, and the 7.62cm version, a Sdkfz 251 and 251/22, and versions of the Panzer 1 including the 20mm flak, Panzerjager 4.7cm, and 150mm SiG version, as seen in print elsewhere on the net. Happy days.


Still waiting on the three 1/35 versions of the FAMO Trumpy advertised about 2 - 3 years ago! :thinking:

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I want those as well. I think they’d look simply smashing next to my 1/32 Douglas TBD Devastator.

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I will believe it when I hold one in my hands.

Ha! According to the English translation, they’re all complaining, too.

Get over it already.

How many kits has Trumpeter announced in the last 15 years? Maybe half a dozen a month in all scales, don’t you think? That works out to, what, 72 a year, times 15 years . . . Geez . . . OVER ONE THOUSAND KITS! (*) And how many of those announcements have turned out to be vaporware? Five? Ten? Sheesh.

Do the miniscule proportions humble people into letting it go? Oh, no. That doesn’t matter. A kit THEY WANTED wasn’t made, and that sin is unforgivable. So, every time a Trumpeter announcement comes up the “injured parties” jump to the fore to insure that no one forgets the injustice and the suffering.
Remember the Alamo!
Remember the Maine!
Remember Pearl Harbor!
Remember 9/11!
Remember that 1/32 Devastator we were promised!

People are complaining like they paid in advance for the things, like Trumpeter screwed them out of something. They didn’t. The complainers have lost . . . Nothing.

It’s ridiculous as a behavior and unfunny and tiresome if meant as a joke.

(*) Scalehobbyist lists 35 pages at 48 items per page, so maybe 1,650 items. If we say 500 of those items are tools or display boxes or something other than a kit, that’s still over 1,100. And that does not include ANY Hobby Boss items . . .)


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Let’s see… They announced in their catalogue three Sd.Kfz. 9 Famo years ago and still nothing

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Tiger (mid) 1/16 - 3 years too…

I wonder if the 1/72nd Dana will be better than their abysmal 1/35th one… I expect not

You never fail to disappoint, Kurt.

Seems like you need to get over it, seeing as how you deemed it necessary to throw down a mini-rant just because I made a little joke.

Which I will now make every single time someone lists new product from Trumpeter. Because you are ridiculous and tiresome.


Remember all those times you would drop in and rain on everyone for complaining about the Italeri Bergepanther and telling them to suck it up and deal with it as no one else was going to release one because of some secret agreement between the manufacturers?

And then Takom, Meng, and HobbyBoss all released multiple versions a few years later?

Good times.

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The agreement was time limited.


Whatever, dude. You never bothered with that bit of info. You just like to flatten other people’s good times.

It was in the original 2016 post:

"Look, I really shouldn’t be telling you this because I was sworn to secrecy, but you are probably never going to see a new Bergepanther. I was at a meeting a couple of years ago in Asia with all the players: DML, Tamiya, Bronco, Italeri, AFV Club, Trumpeter, Hobby Boss, Meng, and Takom, plus some small fry. Everyone agreed that it just wasn’t worth the effort to release a new Bergepanther because Italeri had not done well with their release and had not met their agreed profit. They have the rights to the subject until 2052, so unless they sell a ton of their existing kits real soon, you have another 36 years to wait. "


JEEEZ I hope someone publishes a clearer shot of the !/35th scale releases. it looks as tho there are a couple Russian Object tank designs on the works.

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New kits are always welcome but I see nothing modern in 1/16. So…:yawning_face: time to move on and build what I’ve got.

251’s? Oh that must mean someone else is tooling one up then? LOL Jokes aside I’d love a brace of 251’s


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I want flakpanzer I, panzerjager 4,7cm and bison from TAKOM! <3