1-34th scale john deer tractors

with all the the post relating to armor used in Ukraine i think it be interesting to add a 1 34th scale John Deere tractor to my Ukrainian T64BM Bulat, T84bm Oplot, BMP-2 and 2S19 MSTA-2
now the question is does anyone know what model of John Deere tractor is used and are there any available in 1-34thscale

Probably you can find some thing in 1/32

It looks as though there are quite a few different John Deere tractors being used in Ukraine. There are a lot in 1/32 scale that can be updated/detailed to look good in a 1/35 dio. There are other options as well.

Check out below for my latest.

SIKU 3287

something like this?

You mean this one?

Looks pretty much the same as I am using, just costs a bit more and a little weaker on details. What’s up w/the clear engine cover too?

Check the correct version for your diorama.
do you have a lot of work/fun to detail the tractor but I think you can make an unique subject