1:35 Academy Sherman Calliope

I’ve always wanted a Sherman Calliope, so I’m taking a stab at building one. This is the Academy kit.

Overall, the construction is fairly good. The Calliope tubes themselves are somewhat finicky.


Looking good so far. Did these have some form of deflector for the engine decks ?


Good question.

The kit doesn’t come with one, and the source photo I’m working from doesn’t seem to have one.

Do you know if they all had them, or if it was a later addition?


Sorry, I really don’t know mate. I was just looking at the image of yours and a few others and I noticed that I couldn’t see anything looking like one. Looking at the angles though, it looks like when at the extreme angle, the blast looks like it would just miss the decks … maybe they didn’t have a defector ? I’m sure a Sherm guru will know …

They had them if the base vehicle was a M4A3 as it had back deck that had louvers.


Someone mentioned, I think it was in one of the threads/topics about the fancy new Calliope conversion set, that some Sherman versions needed deflectors or protection for air intakes on the engine deck.
See post by @Dan above …

aanndd the Academy kit is an M4A3 …

Edit: I wonder though … What is the maximum elevation of the Calliope?
It was elevated by a rod connecting it to the barrel, and tank guns usually don’t elevate that high …

Elevation +25 to -12 degrees
Later models of the launcher also had flame deflectors to help prevent rocket exhaust from entering the engine compartment.[3]

Old Armorama build report showing the deflector:

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Found a pic of one-

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Some more- Sherman tank with the The Rocket Launcher T34 (Calliope) - MILITARY VEHICLES - U.S. Militaria Forum


This one sure doesn’t seem to have one…

If you look at the one I built, you’ll notice that the center “ring” that attaches the Calliope to the turret is welded on top of the gun, rather than going around it (as designed).

It’s my understanding this was a field modification to get a few extra degrees of elevation in the thing.

You can see that same modification in the picture above

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25 and 30 degrees elevation, only for reference

They DID put deflectors on later models so they must have thought there was a need for it

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Thanks for the reference, I just checked it out, looks like I am within spec.


I can see the red lines coming out now. :upside_down_face:


Red is the default colour in the tool I used and I was to lazy to change it :grin:

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Cool thread and build.
I have the Italeri-version that I am itching to give a go.

Tonight was mostly a research project, trying to identify and source parts for all the pieces on the front of the tank. I’ve identified most, but I have a few questions, so please chime in if you have ideas. You can see the full picture here, but I am focusing on what is on the front. I’d really appreciate some insights on the bolded lines below.

  1. German helmet
  2. It looks like cover over the front machine gun. I’m assuming that would be some kind of canvas?
  3. Machine gun tripod?
  4. Really unsure on this one. Tin of welfare biscuits?
  5. Looks like a wooden box with some canned food. Not sure what the other thing in the box is.
  6. Spare wheel
  7. Spare wheel
  8. Another German helmet
  9. Standard wooden plank. I assume it will be wood grain vs painted olive drab?
  10. Tow cable
  11. No idea what this is hanging down.
  12. Handle of some kind? A tool?

Thanks for the advice everyone. Any insight you can provide is appreciated.

Here’s what I’ve found so far in the bits box

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I’d say roughly yes to your ideas.
The box could be wood or a heavy cardboard ration box.
Not sure what #4 is but looks metal to me.
#12-a shovel? Entrenching tool? Could be a handy poop shovel.
#9-sometimes painted, sometimes not.

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Currently my best guess for 4 is something like this


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From a suggestion on another forum, I’m thinking 3 might be a track changing tool.

Still not sure on 4 or 11


That’s it. Shapeways had a track jack in 35th.