1/35 Burnt cars in 3D prints to use in dioramas?

I think the suggested price is fine, in itself. The question is the quality of the printed items, the models themselves. If interiors are not up to the level of detail needed, or are inaccessible, or other areas are not correct, it may not be worth the price. I think that is what people are looking at, and the reason for the feedback. You could try printing one (I like the “sliced” one) and post some photos of it, then people can see what they actually look like.


Yeah, I’d buy a kit for $25. +/-


I think I need one of your wrecked cars. I’m trying to build my own and it isn’t going well.


Sounds like there’s enough interest for me to start working on a prototype and get one printed as a sample. The details like more defined panel lines and interior details - seats, springs, etc. can always be improved using my software so the car won’t look like a resin blob. I’ll post some more STL screenshots and a sample print in the near future. Thanks.

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Ok James, I’m in. the suggestios are good.Sounds if the tops were seperate like Gino was told would make it easier to paint. but I like the Idea of 1/35 vehicles. Good thinking.

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There aren’t nearly enough 1/35 civilian cars, burnt or not. I’d love to see what the actual prints look like before making further comment.

That’s why I’ve decided to invest in this project b/c as a modeler, there are only a very few [modern] 1/35 civilian cars to choose from - whether plastic or resin. With the war in Ukraine, I anticipated more interest in burnt cars if folks want to do dioramas.

Remember folks, I am a modeler like you are. I am only going to make and sell things that I personally would consider as very acceptable and usable for this hobby. I am a rivet counter wannabe. :slight_smile: I have a day job and a family to take care of - meaning that there is only a certain number of spare hours per day to work on this. So if I do this, I’m going to make the best use of my time.
I am not some company trying to make a profit. They may not care what modelers say; only make accurate WWII German stuff; or over-charge for some “modern” junk and call it Black or diamond label. I see a gap in the diorama things and will try to cover my cost of resin, while trying to enjoy this hobby. That’s it.


I’m definitely up for several of them, always a few cars laying around, and you can only use the few on the market currently so many times before it looks weird (unless you’re depicting a car dealership). One other thing we could use (well I can’t be the only one) is clear 1000ml and 500mI IV fluid bags - if that’s something you think you can do.

Good for making water impulse charges.

Hi John,
Thank you for your feedback. The fluid bags are easy to 3D print - just need to switch to the clear resin from dyed ones then print. At the same time, I have not had any requests for “clear” items to justify buying a whole bottle of clear resin to print. They’re about $30-40 per bottle so I need to sell at least 30 of them to recover the cost.

I’ll tell you what I’m down for a bunch of them, and since you’re about helping the members on here out - if you’re willing to do them I’ll pay for a bottle of clear resin. I believe in giving small businesses the shot over the big guys, and helping out someone who’s helping others.

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I forgot about using them for that. Used to save expired IV bags for the breachers when I was in Iraq, they were cool enough to ask for me by name to cover the range when they ran one and let me make some stuff go boom to say Thanks, Doc for the cases of IV bags.

I would put them on Cults3D. People with printers will probably buy them, and they can scale them as they please.

Nah, not much money made in selling CAD files unfortunately, and there’s too much competition. I can charge a lot more for selling the actual prints.

Hi John,
How do these look? The thin tubes are not going to print well in 1/35 however. The bag sizes can be easily adjusted and by coloring in clear red, they can be blood bags, too of course.

I’ll be putting more “medical items” in my selling thread (Selling custom 3D Prints for 1/35 and other scales of your choice - #27 by James_Lee) like below stuff:

Let me know if any of the others interest you. PM me if you want my Paypal details, etc.
The clear resin I am thinking about purchasing is this one: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B091FQ1SXT/?coliid=I25M5ZCWYRYE0A&colid=1OX0NG4FT5LJF&psc=1&ref_=lv_ov_lig_dp_it

Hi, James

They’re what I need/want - perfect! The tubing isn’t an issue, it can be simulated with invisible thread or light fishing line. The IV bottle would be useful for World War II thru Korea medics and could replace the green plastic one in the ancient Italeri US Marines figure set. Standby for PM.

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How about an assortment of miniature 1/35 modern grenades, grenade pouches, and knives? I find that I don’t have that many to choose form and hardly anyone makes the 1/35 modern baseball grenade.

There is a vast assortment of modern combat knives, some in sheath and some without, not to mention machetes, swords, scythes, etc.

Those are all doable. But like the saying goes, “SHOW ME THE MONEY” and actually order them from me instead of just suggesting. :smiley:

Not an update on burnt cars but here are the IV bag and IV bottle pole 3D prints for White4doc:
500 ml and 1000 ml IV bags in 1/35.

100 ml IV bags:

IV pole with bottle in 1/35:

These are my 1st tries with clear resin.