Selling custom 3D Prints for 1/35 and other scales of your choice

Other things I’ve printed over the weekend - these are 1/16 so they show a lot more detail than 1/35.


And now, the drum roll please~! As I indicated on this thread: The most accurate Javelin FGM-148 in 3D design for 1/35?
Now, I have the most accurate depiction [in my opinion] of Javelin FGM-148 in 3D print:
Needs a bit of clean-up but the details are impressive:

What the 3D design looks like:

Real thing:

Available for sale for the continental US buyers: $7 for the launcher only; $5 for the missile only; $11 for both. Shipping extra (probably like $6 due to the light weight). PM me if interested.


I have my doubt about your print orientation, why do you print flat like this? As can be seen on your Javelin, this orientation shows a lot more print lines than on a properly oriented print. It also increases suction forces, so a higher change of failed prints or details not printing properly. And also not unimportant, removing support is a lot easier on an angled print. Especially those stretchers look like a pain to remove when they are that close to the build plate. I angle most parts at 45° in X and Y. That way, you minimize suction forces and layer/voxel lines. It also makes it a lot easier to remove the supports without damaging the prints.

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Doubt no more. I am printing most of them in angled positions and ones you see are more of exceptions than the norm. This has been a trial and error of different ways.
Angled prints easier to remove? Not always.
Plus, you probably won’t be buying my prints anyway so it shouldn’t be your concern.
One disadvantage of printing in steep angles is it does waste a lot more resin than flat printing and can compromise details depending on the model. Another is much longer printing time.

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I have bought a few things from James so far. They all look great and came through the mail fine. He is great to deal with as well. Buy with confidence.


OK, so I must say this is addicting. I’ve added more things to my portfolio of items. The theme for today is workshop and tools.

Workbenches and cabinets:

Some of those little things on the top of the bench is not going to print well in 1/35 though.

Now some more tools to go with them:
Bobcat 250 welder

Another welder

DeWalt style

Makita style

Old SKIL type?



Added some “medical items” to this ever growing portfolio. If you request the ones needing to be made in clear, it will be printed in clear resin.

IV or blood bag

Visor face shield


Medical staff - of course the arms can be lowered and reposed.

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Some great stuff here.
Suggestion, these are mostly specific for the current Ukraine War:

Small portable handheld radio or cell phones, visible in almost every pic.
Mollie bungee style mag pouches for AK mags.

Also, on a different note, are you interested in printing my files?

PM sent.

Another original design from me. Gaz Tiger drums (air filter? I don’t know).

How it appears as an STL file:


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3D prints of Claymore 18A1 mines available for sale.
One w/out the caps and one with the caps.
Legs separate for assembly





One with the legs and some other caps on:


The embossing came out beautifully but probably not gonna be visible in 1/35…
PM me only if you are a serious buyer.


Awesome stuff!

Hi all,
People have been asking to come up with a comprehensive list of my 3D designs/prints. I have been CADing so many lately, and I wasn’t keeping up with the list either. So here’s what I can gather so far:

10 types of male figure heads
5 types of female figure heads
2 types of stretchers

3 types of backboards
3 types of sleeping mat rolls
4 types of boxes
2 types of MOLLE packs
1 type of sleeping bag
Set of 5 types of modern US supplies
3 types of coolers (Coleman style)
Modern tow hook (seen on Abrams or Bradley)

Modern tow pintle
Small chains
3 types of window A/C units (for dioramas)
2 types of hand grenade
M14 rifle
M249 SAW (solid stock)
M249 SAW mini
5 types of M4 carbine
Toilet paper
Paper towel roll
Modern fuel can

Modern water can
LPG tank cylinder
Javelin missile launcher
Modern SF helmet (mid-cut)
M48/60 steel type wheels

M48/60 final drive wheel

M48/60 final drive wheel housing
M48A3 light guards (WIP)

M48 spring bumpers
M1 Abrams spare wheel
Jeep wheels
M60 MG (2 types)
Famas F1
BAR M1918


M240 MG
M2 50 cal and its parts
Leopard 2A5/6 track accessories

Leopard 2A5/6 commander’s scope

5 gallon buckets

Milk jug

Beverage coolers

Russian ERA blocks



Plastic baskets/crates

Plastic chairs

Traffic cones/barriers

Metal folding chairs

Pelican cases

Oil drum

MRE pouches

Hand tools


Garbage dumpsters

SINCGARS radios (RT-1523B/C and RT-1523E/F/G)

AN/PRC-117F radio

Antenna mast base

IV bags

Russian vehicle NBC filters

Gaz Tiger remote weapons station

M18A1 Claymores

M136 AT4

M67 90mm RR

M20 super bazooka

4 types of Russian RPGs

AN/PRC-77 radio

M54 gun truck modif parts (turnbuckles, armored doors and windshield)
Chain/load binders

Ukrainian Gaz 66 custom grill
Burnt civilian modern cars (WIP)

BGM-71 TOW missile (WIP)
M113 light guards (WIP)
Modern US snowshoes (WIP)

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Are you able to print smaller for table top gaming? Like Infinity or warhammer? I am looking for stuff to put on bases and terrain.

@Steven Sure, I can print them but you’ll have to educate me on those and specify what you want b/c I am not familiar with that genre at all…

Table top miniatures are usually referred to as 28mm. I believe it is around 1/56th scale. DML figure next to an infinity model with two Academy jerry cans for size.


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Interesting. Google search of Warhammer 3D figures got me these in STL:

So are these the kinds of figures you’re looking for?

Kind regards,

I am looking for some of what you already print. In scale. Like the Gerry cans bottles and soda/beer cans buckets and that miscellaneous garbage. The MRE bags and medical waste that sort of thing. It’s to add to Dioramas.

OK, can you PM me with a list of things you’d like me to print in 1/56 scale from my list?
I’ll give you prices and whether they can be printed in 3D b/c some may be too small/thin to print correctly at that scale.

You have a lot of good stuff for bases. The plastic crates the MRE bags. Tooth paste tubs and cans and milk jugs basically stuff to use as garbage maybe a couple of plastic chairs bed rolls the canvas rolls the IV bag fuel and water cans five galllon buckets traffic cones if you have like the old boxes for newspapers and the AC units. To start.