1/35 Dragon Panzer IV H (Kit 6300)

Building my first Panzer IV. Been wanting to do this for a few years now so here it goes. I have not selected a reference photo, unit etc. I will post the some of the aftermarket stuff I intend to add.

My version is the original one with the Magic tracks not the DS tracks. The kit looks to me to represent a Nibelungen works Tank ie spare track holders on the rear upper left plate.


Built it years ago and it’s a great kit.
You’ll have fun with it I’m sure

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Thanks Dan. Tons of parts to deal with.

I don’t see any Zimmerit on this kit from the pictures. But by definition a “Late Production” Ausf H should definitely have it.

Indeed. Not sure why Dragon didn’t create the artwork to show this tank with Zimmerit. It’s a late H so definitely had Zimmerit. The very early ones didn’t because they went into service before September 1943. Here’s some pictures of the initial application of Zimmerit using the Resin stuff from ATAK made specifically for this kit.


What I did to my kit is make it a J and no zimm is needed.

Like an early J?

Thats what I’m calling it.
I actually made it a Befehls IV J.

Purchased this set for the road wheels.

Work on the rear exhaust.

  1. Drilled out exhaust in order to get it to look more to scale.
  2. Mr. surfacer 500 for texture.
  3. Vajello Dark earth base coat.
  4. Combination of oils, enamels and pigments for the weathering.


That exhaust looks fantastic Dave. Nice dead fkat rusty finish.

Thanks Richard.

I will do the exhaust soot once I get to the overall weathering stage.

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I tried to match the RAL7028 per the paint chip card in the AK Real Colors of WW2. i used Tamiya LP55 and a bit of Gunze Interior Green. I painted a drive sprocket for comparison’s sake. I will use this as the base colour then probably add a bit lighter tone in post shading. The dot above the paint square is the actual AK Real Colors version for this paint colour. As you can see its way off. Looks more like RAL 8000. Not trying to stir up controversy here just showing my interpretation. I believe this RAL 7028 would of been the color used on Panzer IV H’s up to late 1944 when the Ausgabe replaced it.


I am going to use these tracks from Master Club. I think they are pretty old as this company I believe only makes white metal ones now? Probably had them 10 years

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Bam! You’re off!

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Paint is starting to be thrown down. I made a mistake on the zimmerit where the turrent motor is per David Parker so I removed in this area. The nice thing about ATAK Zimmerit is you can remove it without damaging the plastic below.


Left side running gear done and got one run of the tracks done this weekend.


Looks great

Zimm looks perfect,and i like the muffler effects

Thanks Guys.