1/35 german 200l fuel drums - all the same size?

My hunch is that is too much to hope for…

I have some mini-art ones and don’t really have enough to fill the railway gondola so I need more. But I don’t really like the mini-art ones and am wondering if I get some from Tamiya, or resin ones from Panzerart, if they are actually the same size. Would look odd if different sizes I think…

Railway gondola? Hmmm… Cut them in half and get two for one?

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I have some old, I assume Tamiya ones. I can’t seem to remember (or find) what set they came from. They’re about 26mm high and 16mm dia.

There seems to be many types. I like the ones with the big heavy bands around them.

200 liter fass, Wehrmacht

The 55 (US) gallon drum holds 208 litres so it is slightly larger.
Don’t know if the Germans used captured 55 gallon barrels …

different manufacturers do not always follow a single design. The containers may very in style as long as the volume is consistant and the container meets the specs for the buyers. In this case the german government probably had many companies producing them with all kinds of minor differences but still meeting the military specifications.