1/35 Helo Crew Figures

Since KitMaker is moving to a new platform, I wanted to link back to the archived site to still have these resources available.

Here is the link to the 1/35 Helo Crew Figures thread.


Reedoak has a new figure available. He will go great with the new Kitty Hawk naval hawks; SH-60B, SH-60F, and HH-60H kits.

1/35 US Navy helicopter pilot, 80s-90s era, standing 1.

Nicely done examples of the Live-Resin 1/35 US SOF Personnel (35028, 35029, 35030) in Kitty Hawk’s HH-60G by Peter Fleischmann. They look really nice.


DEF Model has a new ground crewman (USMC Fuelman) available. He looks really nice and very useful. It includes the fuel coupling as well.

Mario takes a look at him here: