1/35 m1117 w/ interior

Gonna take a break from my mtvr project and gonna start this one… hoping it won’t take too long! Quick question, the interior walls are sea foam green or whatever and the floor just a bright steel color?

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Nice project. Unfortunately I cannot help you with the interior colors…

Looking forward to see more. :slight_smile:




Thanks for the links!!! Tonight when I get home I gonna start painting… updates soon!

I got most of the big pieces just base coated. But for I continue I have to finish up painting the back compartment 100%… does anybody have and pictures of this area?

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Dang didn’t know they have a interior kit. I tend to shy away from them because you can’t see much of it. I do have M1117 in my stash, I just might get this if I can.

M117 was the first thing I bought when I got back into building. Unfortunately my skills weren’t that good so I used it practice weathering.

I wish we had those when I was an MP. We just had the ammo carrier HMMWV.

Looking forward to your build.

The M1117 was the first plastic kit that I helped with. Trumpeter had to completely change the suspension after I saw the sprue shots of what was an entirely fictional undercarriage.
Send me your email address. I might have a photo or two that could be useful to you.


Panvet if you want post some pictures of your project!! I wouldn’t mind getting some ideas or tips about weathering… I hate weathering!! And 18bravo thanks for the pictures that might help! Anyways here is what I accomplished tonight. If something looks off or wrong please say something!!

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Nice start. I have the same kit and AM interior set that I purchase this year. Hopefully I can build it soon in near future.

That’s what I would call a textbook case of understatement:wink:


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Haha I guess we will see! Anyways one more question… is interior sheen glossy or more flat?
It’s hard to tell in the pictures

Semi-gloss FS 24533 :wink:




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Frenchy you rock! Excellent links. Thank you for posting. I’ve tried this kit once, long ago and have another in the stash. What to do? What to do?

Wow French you were not kidding about “might” being an understatement! Bravo28… you are awesome! Thank you so much for the photos!

Here is what I have so far…. I think I made it a little to dirty but I also think it looks good… what do you guys think?


I just want to keep everybody updated that I am still working and I’ll post pictures when the interior is completely painted up! No sense in posting pictures every time I paint one little detail. :beer: :beer:

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Interior is finally done!!! I wish i company would come out with different screen displays for citv displays, crows display and the blueforce tracker map screen. I had to make my own decal for it and that was not fun! Anyways all criticism is welcome!


The interior looks great. Excellent job on it. I have the same sets as well. I might have to move it up in the que.

I think it looks great, I never served on one (M113s for me) but they do get filthy inside during heavy use. I have this kit as well and may have to give it a go! Again nice work!

I will admit that blackdog did pretty good with this kit … Everything went together pretty well and the instructions weren’t too bad…. This kit is a lot better than the mtvr mas kit they came out with!