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More pics of the Abrams AGP1500 turbine engine.

And the Inside of the hull:

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Behind the power plant, is that some kind of workshop vehicle or is it a palletized workshop?

It looks complete, whatever it is. Compressor, tool boxes, etc

It’s a containerized mechanic shop. Everything you may need to fix a vehicle in the field; all set inside a container for ease of transport and deployment. All right down to the electrical equipment. All you need is a generator plugged in and you’re in business


Wow! We didn’t have that when I was in.

Most of the interior is white. The fuel tanks in the engine bay (outlined in red) are black plastic covered with aluminum heat shields.

Here’s a couple shots with the heat shield removed:

As Gino said, the engine is a bunch of different metallics, and many of the hoses are that funky orange color you see in the photos.


Those pictures are exactly what i been looking for… that’s why they looked grey everywhere cause of those aluminum heat shields!

Guess i have some making to do

Here is the progress i made today… i mixed a lot of different metallic colors so let me know what you think


Not the best quality, but may help with some colors and details.


Glad we could help. That’s one of the great things about this site; if you have a question, there is usually someone who can answer it, and usually provide photos or drawings!

Also, a quick note about those hoses. The orange is a hi-temp insulating material used to protect the hose and whatever is in it from the heat of the engine. The aluminum heat shields do the same for other parts. The engine in the Abrams is literally a jet engine and gets very hot!

Yep. Heard many a story of unsuspecting folks getting to close to the exhaust for too long and not happy about the results.

Some are happy though.

That guy’s an amateur! Some people go all out!



When I was a young 2LT (many moons ago), I was the FSO for a Tank Company out of 1 CAV. We were up on North FT Hood training during the dry, hot summer months (AUG or SEP). An Abrams backed into a stand of trees and dry brush for concealment. Within a couple minutes, the trees and brush caught fire. We tried our best to put it out, but it quickly got out of hand and we ended up burning down half of N. Ft Hood. They had to bring in Bambie Buckets to get it under control. “Ring of Fire” kept going through my mind.


When was that? First time I saw that happen was at Hood in 1982. Unfortunately, that sort of thing was fairly common, especially in the beginning.

'95 or '96?

Seared ala JP-8 :yum:

Hahaha Those photos give some interesting ideas for dioramas.

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Sorry for the absence… i been a little busy working on the engine. Am almost done with this part of the tank except for some little pieces that go on the fuel tanks. I’m done weathering it let me know if I’m missing anything or overdone it


More updates! Here is the drivers compartment

I used any extra decals i can find to help make it look better… i really wish a decal company would make some generic interior decals, especially for the screens like for the blue force tracker and crows. There are a lot of full interior kits out now so I’m sure they would sell… but what do i know! Hahaha
Anyways Criticism and comments are always welcome


Really nice. It looks great. I like the extra tubing/wiring you added.

As to the interior placard and screens decals, I make my own. It isn’t really hard. I just copy what I want as a pic off the web and insert them into Power Point. Resize and print off onto computer decal paper. Let them dry then overcoat with a sealant (dullcoat or glosscoat) spray. Once dry, you cut them out and apply like any other water-transfer decals.

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Don’t you need a Microsoft subscription to use Power Point these days? Hope I’m not going off-topic.


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I have a disk w/Office '16 on it that I uploaded and it still works fine on my current computer, so no (I guess not?).

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