1/35 M4A2 Sherman (Zvezda)


I’m starting this latest relese from Zvezda, very nice kit for the price (around 20€), very clean and sharp details, the only major minus is the absence of cast texture on the cupola, but it is esy fix.
I also bought paints from the AK Real colors range, Olive drab and Iraqi sand for highlights.
Options for the Pacific theatre and Russian land-lease vehicles.



Look forward to seeing this one built.

I want to test my modelling skills here, so no aftermarket will be used, just the base kit :wink:


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That’s the best way to start! Will be following and looking forward to your build.


I have built several models with photoetch updates and metal barrels etc., but this time I want something out of the box, simple :slight_smile:


Best laid plans. Still look forward to the build.

It’s a fun build. One correction that’s not hard to do is to round off the rear turret bustle edges. It’s clear Zvezda used CAD designing processes – and the harsh edges on the turret rear aren’t a good feature. Some file and sandpaper work fixes it though.

I saw this on the parts inspection, probably I will scratch also the light guards, those are quite thick out of the box. And welds on the side plates.
I have also the T-34/76 UZTM, I will create another topic soon with the build.


Ditto same! I love Shermans!

@Venko- first. welcome to the community! can’t wait to see more builds after this one. second. i can’t read Russian, so that box confused me! :grin:
@Panzer_modeler- ditto. :smile:

It’s Sherman madness around here!


I have Firefly Ic also from Dragon, but the DS tracks desintegrated and it will wait better times :slight_smile:

Who doesnt! I currently have 9 Sherman’s and 2 TD’s based on Sherman chassis in the stash. This is all over and above the many I have built over the years.

If this new Zvezda M4A2 looks any good I will soon have 10 shermans in the stash :smiley:


Consider yourself lucky that the DS disintegrated before you managed to get the kit built and the tracks mounted …

I will buy this for what is perhaps a dumb reason. I like to support allied releases with my cash. Even in some cases when the kits aren’t the best.

A friend from my LHS told me that this kit has been heavily criticized on Russian modeling sites. The biggest issues; the turret rear is misshapen and just not accurate and would require either swapping out for a better aftermarket or some sculpting skills. The upper hull around the driver and co-driver hatches is also considered a major weak spot (oversimplified and generally inaccurate details). The plastic molded tow cable was something that seemed to upset the critics too.

FWIW, I’m loving the direction that zveda took with the tracks and I wish other companies started moving away from rubber band tracks too. As for the turret, I have extra turrets in my stash, plus I’ll probably live with the hull issues. I’ve also seen a lot of growth from Zveda and hopefully they’ll address some of these issues in future Sherman releases.


I look forward to seeing the complete build:)

For the price it is very nice kit, Zvezda is improving definetely. As for the critics, yes-surely there will be flaws here and there, but I don’t care :slight_smile:
Agree for the tracks-simple link and length.
I will support Zvezda in the future and waiting for the M4A3(76) next year.


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I’m hoping they release the M4A2 (76mm), it makes sense they would as they basically just need the T23 turret, right?

But who am I kidding if they release an M4A3(76) I’ll probably buy that too, lol.

Next year we hope :wink: