1/35 Panther track links?

Hello everyone I am getting ready to build RFM workable track links for my Meng Panther A…I was wondering how many links I need to connect for a length of track…is there a difference depending on the side?

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I don’t know off hand, about 80ish. I will say that you will get close then adjust the number to get the correct sag. Check the sprocket to make sure the Takom track fits well on the Meng sprocket. As kits become more accurate, parts become more interchangable between brands.

They are actually Ryefield Model tracks (Is Takom part of Ryefield or vice versa…these days who knows)…I checked already, and yes they do fit.

I chose these because they only have 2 thin connection points and molded on hollow guide horns. They were only 22.00 with shipping ftom China, which I think is a great deal.

87 links

Thank you, I have found that number also on another site.

Its 87 (when new) on each side.

Personally I do not put much attention to the real number of track links. Considering that a deviation of 0,2mm on the kit track link is barely noticeable and completely acceptable, that makes more than 1.6cm on the whole track, affecting a lot to the sag. Even a 0.1mm on every track link produces a difference of almost 1cm
Therefore, I prefer to get the correct look rather than the correct number.

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Surely the basis for this is the correct number of links, for the real vehicle, in the first place?

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Yea, when I build I prefer to get the right look too,thats probably the goal of most modelers,but its good to have a starting point in mind,and go from there.

Yes Tojo…that was my goal in my question…87 is the starting point, if I have to add a link or take one away for the sag to look correct I will be able to.

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The correct sag on a Panther is for the track to just touch the top of the second outer road wheel from the front sprocket, with the track correctly tensioned and the tank stationary.

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