1/35 Panzergrenadier LAH in erbsenmuster

After a six years break from military modelling, I picked up my Panzergrenadier project.

After some priming i decided to practise on one of the heads before starting the figure rightaway.
This was my first time using Vallejo. Quite a change over Tamiya acrylics.
Priming: before and after

The primed ‘testhead’

And the painted result

Please feel free to comment. I have the feeling my paint is still to thick.

Thanks for your feedback.



Welcome back! I admire returning to the prior project and look forward to seeing the build.

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You’ve got the basics of both camo and face quite well but I think you are correct about the paint being too thick. Thinning them a little more should give you greater control when painting a camo pattern- the paint should flow off your brush better making it easier to paint the shapes needed.

Thanks Karl for the advice.
I’ll try to thin the paint a bit more when I start the figure.
I’ll keep you posted.

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Hi All! Some pictures on the next steps in the painting process.
First I applied the skin base: Vallejo 70.876

Then i tried the base colors for the uniform. As I wanted to give the jacket and the trousers a bit of a different base color I did the trousers in Valllejo 825 Pale Brown (same as the helmet) and the jacket in Vallejo 824 Orange Ochre. The ochre seems a little to yellow to mach with the lightest pea dot color. To mee that one has to be a bit more pinkish, so I overpainted It with a transparent Pale brown.


On to the face and flesh then.
I find it hard no to be to subtle on the one hand and not overdoing it on the other.
This is a picture before the paint had dried. the overall color was to wine red to my taste.

I gave it a couple of base flesh washes to alter that.

But I am afraid the contrast is not strong enough to look ok to for the viewer with the ‘normal’ eye without magnifying lenses or digital camera that sees every detail.


I think you’ve done well there Walter. Getting the tones of the face to look realistic in 1/35 is a tricky process and it’s both easy to over-do it as well as not do enough to make the face look normal in scale. To me your face has quite a natural tone and looks realistic.