1:35 Rest in west 1940

A diorama that I built for a while. The stage is a small German troupe that has made a halt for a little rest and food. Is building a house that will soon be ready. Do not quite know how it will be but working on it. it all takes place May, June 1940 At the invasion of France

some close-ups on the facade

pictures of soldering of gutters and downpipes

and finally picture of windows and doors / Micke


Looking good so far Micke. I like your choice of color for the building. Again, the bricks are perfect.


Clever soldering jig !

That is some first class texture work on the building facade. You have really got the look of the bricks and plasterwork spot on. Pipe work is looking excellent too.

Hi Mikael,

Nice looking building, I particularly like the brickwork and crumbling plaster, very neat, :slightly_smiling_face:.

Cheers, :beer:,


The bricks and mortar are superbe

thanks for the nice words it makes me happy. there will be an update soon / thanks Micke

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Hi Micke! As you know I have seen the first pictures before in the Swedish forum.
First class bricks! I love it, one day you will have to teach me how to do bricks like that!!
Well the rest is also very nice work of course!

Wow, the datails of the house are excellents, I folow your job.
Regards, Omar

Nicely done Micke , very cool !!

Hi! I have decided that I will change the story a bit. Now it will be 1943 in a French village where a German truck and kubelwagen stopped to pick up supplies and take a break. I will have civilians and possibly some resistance around the corner.
I now stop the construction of the first house and start with the next house.
some pictures of the house now, a lot of details are missing and I will add these later.
The first pictures are on the roof as many helped me with tips thank
you all


Wow! Very very nice! I especially like the painted logotype, how did you do that? /Erik

Very good details, the owner of the house adds, congratulations, Omar

The decal comes from diodump and is waterslide.
I sanded with fine sandpaper and put on washable mud very thin


Hi Mikael,

Very nice work, I especially like the roofing tiles, excellent eye for detail, :slightly_smiling_face:.

Cheers, :beer:,


Very cool architectural work Micke , beautiful !!
You can also take very thin tracing paper and print ads from the internet on to it and use it on textured walls with that kids stick paste and it looks reasonably painted onto the wall .



Thanks for the nice words and thanks for the tip I will try it next time

Excellent building, I love it :tumbler_glass:

Stunning building Micke- you’ve captured so many little details in the facade from the cracks in the rendering to the railings on the upper floors. The little roof-space/attic room window is also inspired, probably my favourite bit on the whole thing!

How did you made the bricks on the corner (where the facade has follen down)? They look like puted one by one…

I tried a combination of carved bicks in foam and real plaster ones on the house i. The red taxi diorama…

Did you used same technich?


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