1:35 RFM 5062 Challenger 2 Build

Just started the build and made the Friul tracks.

I am doing it in the “Berlin Brigade” type urban camo.

RFM want you to paint the lower hull white.

I know the hulls get filthy but it looks anything but white IRL. Any thoughts?
Picture credit Cary Hughes.


Photo for ref only taken from online source.

It will be anything BUT white … you wont be wrong with either matt black or dark NATO green.

Just so you are aware, these are not normal issue cam Tanks. They are Demo/publicity pic wagons used initially by ATDU and then the demo Sqn as OPFOR at Land Warfare Warminster & crewed by RTR troops.


Thanks I am doing it in that scheme because it is far more interesting than the other options.


Cool, will look forward to watching it come together. Hopefully you will do progress pics and updates here ? I am thinking of getting the RFM TES version. The more I look at the pics the darker it looks, so I would leave it as your judgement call as to if you do it Matt black or the dark NATO green.

I enlarged the photos and comparing it with the rubber tires it sure looks black to me.

Im painting the Trumpy Chally the same way so I will definitely be following!

Nice, you obviously enjoy a challenge too!

I will be watching along with much interest. What colours do the instructions suggest for the camo?

Thanks, J.

You can ignore the instructions colour wise.
RFM want you to paint the lower hull white for example.
I have been getting some help from “the horses mouth”, he is a serving soldier in the unit that is using the vehicle. The lower hull is NATO green as is the inside of the covers for the sighting optics.
Because they are test vehicles they have the wheels replaced more than once from spares and they are NATO green as well.
I am using this https://ak-interactive.com/product/amt-11-blue-grey-10ml/ and this https://ak-interactive.com/product/nato-brown-ral-8027-f9/ for the grey and brown as per original “Berlin Brigade” camo. I may lighten them depending on how they look on a paint mule.
RFM’s instructions call for dark earth/AMT 11.
For the white RFM call for plain matt white which IMHO may be too stark.
So I am going to see what this looks like https://ak-interactive.com/product/off-white/.
I did this as only my third tank after a 50 year break

I used Tamiya paints for it and made my own custom mix for the blue -grey, in hindsight I think it is too blue but after all the aggro masking it I was’nt about to do it again.


Nice job on the Chieftain there Cats. And I don’t blame you about remaking lol… That would try the patience of a saint !!
And it’s great you have Comms with a good source. You can’t beat that !!

Thanks for the info regarding the colours, your chieftain looks great. I used the mig ammo set;

They look good but the brown and white were temperamental to spray. I’m interested in trying the AK Real colours so will be good to see how you get on with them. I had lots of great help on my chieftain build from @Johnnych01. I’ve also been tempted with this from amusing hobby;

Cheers, J.


The Badger is on my wishlist.
Personally I can not get on with acrylics.
Until I discovered the AK Real Colors I used Tamiya thinned with automotive 2K thinners. That was how the camo on the Chieftain above was done.
The problem with Tamiya is it can be a PITA to brush paint whereas the the AK RC goes on like a dream.
I have made these from AH and they are excellent.


Not saying your wrong but here are some tips to help make it easier to brush paint.

Those are fantastic results with the RC. My go to vendor carries them so I will be trying them on my next build. They claim they are compatible with any lacquer thinner, do you use the automotive thinner with them?

Thanks, J.

Yes I thin them with 2K thinners as with Tamiya.
Seems to do exactly the same as Mr Hobby SLT at a fraction of the cost.
It was this review that convinced me to try them.

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A lot done wheels etc. Keeping as much as possible in sub-assemblies for ease of painting.
Will be on hold for at least a week because:
The dozer blade from the doner Trumpeter kit is f*****g awful and I am waiting for the Acurate Armour resin one which I ordered 5 minutes ago.
Secondly my wife comes home from work on Monday and we have things to do.
I will update this thread when I have done some more.

In my last day as a temporary batchelor tomorrow I may start one of these if I can make my mind up which one.

I have a RFM 5062 inbound :slight_smile: Good kit? Regards Freddy

Yes very nice.

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Re-started the Challenger II now the Panther is finished.
Resin dozer blade assembled and the hinges work!


Looking good with the tracks on and the blade attached. Looks like a great fit as well :+1:

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Must be a heavy kit!