1:35 Series II Short Wheel Base Land Rover

Apparently this has been issued before but I certainly wasn’t aware of it:

Just announced I understand; if I can find a supplier I’ll probably get one.

(I know it’s not armourd but I was unsure where else to put it).


There’s also a wrecker variant…




While on mission in Bosnia, I twice took part in a operation to ship the still present Land Rovers back to the UK. Stationed in Banja Luka, we drove in collums all the way to Split, Croatia.
Though these were later models (see head lights and wheel wells) I can tell you, that driving 260 kms sitting on a piece of board with some foam on it is no pleasure cruise!!! The way back (first trip) with a Chinook was much better :stuck_out_tongue:


My Squadron (77 AES) completed the construction of MND SW at Banja Luka from scratch. The whole thing.

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Never heard of an SWB Landy in plastic. I would buy it.

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I was there in 2001-2002. So that was way after your construction work :slight_smile:

Then I lived in the accommodation you built! Our section of camp was at the eastern corner of the big hangar. This pic is after a few years, when the helipads and hangars were properly installed.

A bit crude, but this was one of my favorite Dinkey’s:

Their Mersey Tunnel police van.
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There has never been a SWB Landie in plastic, at least in 1/35 scale. These are brand new kits.

AK sells direct but you should be able to buy their kits wherever their finishing products are sold.

We built it in 94/95 and returned in 1999 to upgrade the helipads.

Originally, Helipad 8 wasn’t there and the accommodation you have circled was our stores area. The three prefabricated ‘hangars’ adjacent to the helipads weren’t there either (this was taken up with accommodation Corimecs) and the whole side of the main factory building, right up to the buildings at the right hand corner (which was the Med Shed in my day) was shower units. So this picture must have been from 2000 onwards.

When we arrived originally, 2 LI were in residence and all they had was the original establishment to live in, and 3 x Corimec Ablution units for an entire Company.

During the construction, which was a huge undertaking, the HQ MND SW gradually moved in as accommodation was installed, mainly Royal signals.

Never, ever, have I ever met a bigger bunch of wet, whinging, entitled Mummy’s boys & Girls in my life, it was an embarassment. They had electricity, hot running water, 15 or so shower blocks, a real cookhouse etc. etc. yet they constantly moaned that what we were doing wasn’t good enough or was too noisy (the list went on). Meanwhile, we, who were building the place, lived in tents inside the metal factory…

Periodically, we’d punish them by turning off water, electricity and just generally messing them about until the penny dropped - they did eventually work out that it was odd that whilst they were sat in darkness, the one shower unit we had the key to was fully functional, and our tents were brightly lit.

Bunch of wankers that lot.


The SWB 88" Landy has not been available in any form in Plastic before, so looking forward to it.

In the pic they are showing as white whereas the ones I lived in during my '98 tour were green, so possibly replaced. In my '96 tour we lived in the wood factory in the centre of Banja Luka so to get a Corimec I shared with one other SNCO was luxury. We were rarely in them as we were always out on the ground.

No it’s a brand new kit