1/35 Stinger Storage Case

I am looking for a Stinger missile storage and shipping case in 1/35. I thought they were available in some resin accessory set at one time, but can’t seem to find it. Here is what they look like.

If anyone remembers the set, let me know.

Here’s one from Shapeways :


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Maybe that is what I am thinking of. Looks nice. Thanks.

Hey Gino,
The Stinger case was in Verlinden’s M113 Stowage set, #1978 and their M1151 Stowage set, #2722.

For the sake of being complete, there is also one in Verlinden’s M1A1 Stowage set, #1968

Thanks, I knew I had seen them in resin. Does anyone have any left over from the Verlinden sets they want to trade or sell? I need three total.

There are various applications for Stinger cases.

I wonder if Shapeways gives a discount for more that a dozen or so?

Yes, i’m also looking for some Stinger transport cases. I have one from the old Verlinden M1a1 stowage set. But to buy just one from Shapeways is too expensive regarding the shipping costs.
Perhaps there is someone who also has one spare.


Hi Ge, it an interesting fact that things get more expensive on SW when you log-in. Normally, the Stinger case is USD 10, but when I log-in it goes as high as USD 13. Insane!

Since Verlinden is Tango Uniform, I could cast them if there was enough interest. Of course you’d be paying for RTV, not the copy itself. :thinking:

Can we be sure that Verlinden did the dimensions right? :roll_eyes:

Shapeways states that thecas is 49mm long, 9,9mm wide and 10mm high. Maybe Rob can measure the Verlinden part?


I’d would sent my example to you, but the return shipping costs are way too high.
Furthermore there are new custom rules for packages outside the EU.
There is VAT added (21%) so the total amount is too high for me.
Sorry !


Ge, can you take the measurements of the case? I see if I can find measurements of the real case.

Here you go. Measurements of the real case. :grin:

The Stinger missile transport box measures roughly 66″ x 12″ x 13″


First!!! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Well done H.H. :wink:… BUT :

Another website says around 66″ x 13″ x 13″


and I guess the last one should be the winner : 66 inches in length, 13 inches in depth, and 13.5 inches in height.



Question. Which measurements are more reliable?

Now that someone has posted the dimensions it should be a snap to scratch one up and cast it. That’s usually the sticking point is getting proper dimensions. Latches can be shaved off of old Mk I and II Markava kits. If you don’t happen to have about a dozen lying about as I do, they’re not too difficult to scratch either. I’ve had to do them often in 1/25. I little lead foil and wire. Same for lifting handles. Evergreen half round for ribs. Like I said, it someone has one I’ll cast it. I’ve no need for one though so I’ve got no need to scratch one up.

For anyone rolling their eyes right now, I did this one and several more like it prior to 1995 for an Israeli Centurion. The lifting handles have since come off, and I didn’t have half round available to me back then, but you can imagine how much better a job you could do today with the right materials. They take ten minutes at most to make.

Here’s a tip for anyone wanting to do these or something similar. For the lip around the edges of the top and bottom shell, do not use liquid cement. It’ll cause the strip to break at the corners. Use CA instead.

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From the horse’s mouth :wink: