1/35 T-34/76 UZTM (Zvezda)


Another of the new Zvezda kits I started recently, again out of the box build, I added texture where is needed. Very clever from Zvezda to make the end of the track sprues like a jig :slight_smile:

I really like the new forum, especially the way pictures are moved with simple drag from the folder on the PC.



Looks very crisp, nice kit and nice build!

Will be following this build as well. What is the box between the exhausts? Almost looks like another exhaust but I don’t recall seeing it before in photos or kits.

I don’t know, honestly, just followed the instructions, I wonder myself too :slight_smile:

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Looking around, it is also on the t-34/85 kit as well. None of the written reviews for either kit seem to mention or call that out that I saw with a quick search.

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External Stove for preheating the engine.

From https://henk.fox3000.com/t34-2.htm :

T34/85 - with heatings-oven on rearside - Postwar, produced in Poland and used in East-Germany - posted by Matthias Muth

This vehicle is a PostWar T34/85 from East Germany. On the back of the vehicle is an oven for pre-heating the engine. The T34 is a post war and Polish made. The East German army adapted on some T-34’s this oven. The oven was used with coal and wood.



I suspected something like this :slight_smile:

The Zvezda T-34/76 model 1942 (kit 3686) has the same stove included.

What did you use for the texture?

Surfacer 500

Not only for preheating the engine. For heating dugout for tankers too.


Primer with black and white Surfacer 1500, basic highlights:


Also the openings on the wheels are shallow, so if you want better appearance, they need to be drilled :slight_smile:

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Initial coat of 4BO green with some highlights, I will make additional modulation later

Wow, the new forum is much nicer, thanks!


Looks great. Good looking kit out of box.

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I decided that it will be winter setting for this tank, so I have some snow effects, also epoxy resin for the river. My idea is the T-34 is driving out of a frozen river on the river bank :slight_smile:


I made the base terrain with DAS white clay (the foam is sealed with acrylic putty before that), small rocks on the riverbank with cork bark.
The T-34 is whitewashed with AK Washable paint :slight_smile:


Really great start overall, looking frwd to your next progress.
Are there any plans for infantry riders?
Cheers :beer: Dave


I’m searching for winter riders, but didn’t found suitable ones. Maybe I will leave it that way we’ll see :slight_smile:


Without riders works too, of course. Just the effect of icy conditions and advancing armour would be compelling enough! :cold_face:
Dave :slightly_smiling_face:

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Ice Ice baby :stuck_out_tongue:
I tried to make ice from clear epoxy resin (local brand), mixed with AK Ice sparkles (gives shiny look here and there) and Noch snow powder (for duller and whitish look).
I think it looks convincing, will use it for the larger ice pieces :slight_smile: