1/35 Takom SADF G6 Rhino

Before it went into production the prototypes were fielded against Soviet & Cuban backed forces in the then not so Cold War, conflict on the border of the then South West Africa (Namibia) and Angola. This indigenously developed 155mm mobile artillery shares dna with the current German Panzerhaubitzer 2000 fielded in the Ukraine. The 52 calibre variant of the G6 has a world record ballistic range of about 76km.
Anyway, this will be the early version that served on the border.

For a 90km/h, 6 wheeled, behemoth, this is not a small vehicle.

The kit is not small either.

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This is a great kit. Mine went together really well. Looking forward to see how yours comes together.


A bit surprised if not shocked by the amount of flash on the ejector points on this Takom model.

The only intrusive ones are the two located in the forward drivers cabin.

Not a tragedy, but more of an inconvenience.

Till later🖖🏼


The kit goes together well, it is missing the exhaust outlets Pocking through, the vents.


You have to remember that this is one of Takom’s first kits, released in around 2015 only a couple years after they started. So the flash and/or knockout pin marks shouldn’t be that surprising as it is an older kit, considering how many they’ve released since then. And they haven’t been doing it nearly as long as Tamiya, Dragon, etc.


Thanks for the insight Jon, much appreciated.

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Did some work on the drivers cab, stabilisers and elaborate suspension.

Still trying to work out a painting strategy.

Just how white is A.MIG 017 Cremeweiss or is more cream?

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Adopting a modular build approach.

The main copula’s sprung a surprise insofar as the body is also clear plastic, so I will have to mask off the visors, internally and externally.

Anyway, onwards and upwards!!

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I have started on the drivers cab and decided it needs to be manned as it “open” with its armoured glass screens. I chose the driver from MiniArt’s British AFV crew who will require some adjustment.

Bonus is that his uniform is only in colour, Nutria Brown. Probably dark earth/buff.

Reading about it’s epic deployment as a prototype and that it drove 2400km to reach the Angolan border, I’m pondering building an early prototype variant which will require ditching some feature included in the kit.

Any how, some thought and pondering is required.

till the next update! :vulcan_salute:t3:


I used Vallejo Tan Earth for my Ratel.


An amazing vehicle, so futuristic (it brings my imagination to the space Marines tactical vehicle deployed in the second chapter of the Alien saga).
Good choice of a subject, I’ll stay tuned


Used the same for my Olifant MK2. It’s a good color.


Yours looks a lot lighter than my Ratel (colour wise)…

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Its partially the light (looks way lighter than it is) but I also did some colour modulation on mine.


Think it was XF72 I used on my one


Thanks for all the input with regards to colour, but I’ve based my colour selection on Hataka’s SADF colour set and the brown they have is BS dark earth.

Not being able to cost effectively aquire their colour set, I opted for Vallejo’s BS dark earth at a fraction of the price. This is a close match to what I remember.

I did my Rooikat in that colour and I was very pleased with it.

Till next time.


I’d been watching this build, and looking for reference, when I came across this little gem,

Happy modelling


Interesting image you have aquired there, the turret is different. It has AS90 (British Army) stencilled on the side and the colour is non SADF.

Must be trialing the 52 calibre (76km) variant in a different turret.

The British 52 calibre gun is only capable of 30km, apparently.

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Hi ya all,

I have been tinkering with turret, removed the top storage rail and bush bars on the smoke launchers.

Fitted the rear deck, all I’m missing is a deck chair, tread plates, flood light and rear access door, right rear quarter. Positioned the storage / electronics module on the left rear quarter to get a feel for it position and spacing.

The main gun mount is a bit of a pickle as it will require a massive mod to simplify the housing.
I may have to scratch build it to mimic the mount used on G62C circa 1987. See earlier pic of prototype G6.

Anyway, making headway and some more pondering to do.

Till next time :vulcan_salute:t3:


A small diversion, showing off some of the peculiar “ingenious” border battle field mods. The vehicle below is named “die telefoonhokkie”, which roughly translates to the telephone box. This is a mofified Ford F250.

When land mines are an ever present menace.