1/35 Tamiya Sheridan Basket

I am working on the Tamiya 1/35 Sheridan. I want to install the FC Modeltrend basket to the kit. I am not 100% clear on the best orientation to install it. Has anyone used this AM part before that could share some pictures? I have some references but it isn’t clear how they put these racks on.

Thank you

I think on the pictures I have seen, they are welded to the existing storage support rods.
Looks like a beautiful basket, but costs as much as the kit itself, and that before shipping.

Ok thank you. I didn’t think of that.

with the exception of the 3/4 CAV and maybe one other CAV unit; all were pretty much home made. You’d see two or three together and the baskets looked completely different. You are correct that most used the OEM brackets and attachment points. Rather surprised that no one has came out with a brass P/E kit! Let alone the extruded metal so often seen on them

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ET Model has a PE basket, it didn’t turn out that well. Lol my soldering skills need work.

I scratched mine using evergreen.

Not real easy to see with all the stowage but you get the idea.

Good luck.


Really you can’t do it wrong. I did the old Tamiya Sheridan with Evergreen plastic, but never was real happy with it as I need the extruded metal to finish it out. I’ve seen them made of engineer’s stakes and angle iron. Even generic flat iron and chicken wire. Just whatever you could find in the junk pile.

Your build is nice and true to the era. Sheridan’s and M113’s often were seen with silver scratches running down the sides. Not every Sheridan had the add on armor package, and it was common to see the fiberglass on the side busted up.

I am following this thread b/c someone asked me if I could CAD and 3D print it. Good luck to Jeff also.

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Working on the Sheridan myself and this is the best I could come up with. Took a lot of trial and error. I ended up cutting away some of the netting on the bottom of the right side to get it to fit over the edge of the turret. Not sure if it’s 100% correct, but good enough for me.

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Now that is a nice looking Sheridan.

@BootsDMS Thanks. Was a fun easy build except for the basket. As I said I used Evergreen but can remember if I used strip or angle. Turned out OK in the end and the stowage hides most of it anyway.

Awesome thanks. Looks great.

Hi,James,I no longer need the turret basket as I found my July 1997. Issue of fine scale modeler.in it is the build by Cookie Sewell and his rebuild of the original Tamiya m551 with his corrections,and it includes a 1/35 drawing of the basket,so that’s the route I’m taking…take care my friend Pete

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Hi James, just wondering if you ever went ahead and 3D printed a basket for the Sheridan, if so how much is it?

Thank you

Actually, I didn’t even start the CAD work. I was just gathering some measurements. That’s it.
It appeared that the infamous, now out of production Academy Sheridan came with the extended bustle rack so I was thinking of using that as a template:

(Photo courtesy of Pawel, Vodnik.net)

Haven’t thought about the pricing if I ever 3D print one. FC Model Trend’s is like $40-50 so I’ll definitely beat that price.

Kind regards,

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Well if you ever get around to doing one, would you please keep me in mind?

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