1/35 Tamiya Stug iii b

Hey guys! Well today I have a build I just finished and cant wait to start painting. Its the Tamiya Stug iii b with Dragon tools, Takom tracks, some added metal details, resin stowage as well as bending the fenders a little with pliers.
And I will be using @Armor_Buff 's technique for painting.

Yes I know the cast texture prolly wouldnt be there in real life on the upperhull but I felt like the Tamiya plastic was to smooth, (Im taking after you @DennisatAutoloader :rofl:) so I added it with Tamiya putty thinned with Lacquer thinner.

The interior was painted up really quick in like 4 hours pretty much OOB, I just added straps to the MP-40’s and a tiny bit of wiring to the radio.

There was some wet thinner on the floor when I took the pic so ignore the sheen.

Yes, I know this seems like alot of work but I really did it in 2 days.

Ooh and here it is with a 1/100 Stug iii b

Whatcha think?



It’s worth pointing out that you can dilute the putty until it’s extremely thin, so as to not create a cast texture. The build is looking fantastic Ezra! I can’t wait to see how you approach the exterior.


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Really looking great Ezra,keep it coming

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You do go to school too sometimes right Ezra? Like you’re not spending all day hiding in the basement?


Or course he does, he goes to school everytime he logs on here and schools us

Me looking at my archer that took me 4 months: “wow I’m really happy with this, I crushed it”

Ezra posts equal or better work that took him 2 days as my soul slowly crushes


At least you’re capable of ordering the right vehicles for a project. I just, once again, realized I have the wrong variant for a build I have planned.

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Oh no :joy: hopefully you still like the other variant

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@Panzer_modeler Ezra, that well built Stug has a sweet looking interior. Looking forward to seeing the paint & weathering!

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Looking great! I will follow along.


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Thanks alot guys!

Like you’re not spending all day hiding in the basement?

Naaaa @Canmedic, thats Dennis’s thing. :joy:

Me looking at my archer that took me 4 months: “wow I’m really happy with this, I crushed it”

Comeon @Mead93 your Archer is a work of art, especially that interior. I just hope my exterior finish is close to yours.

Well all who were hoping to see the Stug painted today will have to wait a bit longer. I was looking at ref pics and found some interesting things I wanted to add to mine.

Case in point, look at this pic with the track mounts and that weird roadwheel mount.

So I added it to my model.

Also look at this…

No straps holding the boxes down! And because I know unsecured stowage will piss people off I got one that looked really close to the one in the pic from @Chris_Bryan and added it. no ropes

And here it is disassembled for painting.

SWMBO is coming over later so I probably wont be able to start painting until tonight, but it will happen! (Im gonna try to get here to build a Tamiya kit today…)


The speed at which you and Dennis build blows me away. You guys do in 2 days what I do in 2 months


Wow Ezra 2 days? You’re phenomenal. Fantastic solid build, looks excellent. Detailing is awesome.

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Nice! Worth the wait for those additions. I wonder if those crates are secured from the bottom somehow?

And what will SWMBO’s inaugural build be?

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It looks like the tow cable is wrapped around the base of the boxes.

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Thanks guys!

And what will SWMBO’s inaugural build be?

@Canmedic its gonna be the Tamiya Sd.Kfz.251/9 Ausf.D, a really nice simple kit. :grin:


With you guiding her, she’ll be out building us all by kit #3


That’s not even funny. My gf’s first kit was an airfix 1/72 jeep and she outbuilt me by MILES.

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Well I promised paint on tonight and I shall deliver. :grin:

Painted with a custom Panzer grey mix and I worked really hard on color modulation but sadly the clearcoat hid most of it! Ooh well it looks good enough in my opinion and I feel like its not to dark but also not super light.

I also threw the decals on and I really like how the stugs shaping up.

Weathering is gonna be so much fun.

Thanks to everyone still following along!


She looks awesome in grey Ezra!

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Looks great.
Looking forward to the end result.

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