1/350 SMS Konig Build log

I used CA for these. I have never soldered anything before. Probably one of those skills I should pick up but, in all honesty, I have never had the need. CA has always worked fine for me.

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Building up really well, Rory!

Great to see you replace the masts with brass! Even if you don’t rig, to the MkI eyeball, the finesse added by brass just can’t be matched by plastic!

Let’s hope the USPS delivers soon! :innocent:

Hi Rory,

Looking very good indeed, the rigging on the First World War era ships can be interesting to say the least.

Cheers, Si :beer:

So I ran into a hiccup which has put paid to my plan to rig. USPS delivered and I got started.

And it was going well.

I then moved onto the next yard and that’s when it all went pear shaped. Not sure if it is a CA issue between the plastic and brass rod or something else but the yards started falling off. You can see where I have sanded back the other yard to clean it up for reattachment. Soon after this, the rigged yard failed. After gluing 2 yards back onto the mast I have had to admit defeat on this one. Not going to risk it. Next ship will be rigged maybe but Konig will not be :frowning:

Does mean I can move onto the railing so she should be done pretty soon.



very sorry to read this. I remember trouble when I rigged the forward platform of my Hood, which broke apart more than once (and sometime in between I dropped it…).
So I can fully understand your decision. Your Koenig will look nice and smart without rigging for sure!


So after taking a deep breath, walking away and sleeping on it, I decided to try again. So after reinforcing some joins and taking it very slow, using the minimum tension needed, I was able to get some rigging done.

At this point, the ship is basically complete. All I need to do is some touch ups and a last coat of Matt varnish and she will be ready for commissioning.


Oh no! This is not good. Query: did you scour the brass rod at the glue point to give a suitably rough surface for the CA to bond to, or was it left in its natural shiny state? This can have a big effect on the ability of CA to bond, if there is no scoring on the surface for the CA to latch onto…

Awesomeness! :beers: :beers: :beers: for commissioning! :slightly_smiling_face:

How did you go with the railing? Did they go on nicely too?

Will we see feature article pics? :hugs:

Looks great!
I can feel your pain at first, but your decision to try again paid off and your rigging looks awesome. This is more than enough for a representative rigging, I never go beyond that point with my models…


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Launch Day is upon us! :champagne: Laid down 24 March 2022, completed 6 May 2022.

The rigging was a new experience for me but I am happy with how it came out. My eyes may never be the same again though :nerd_face:

And of course I always like to put my new ships next to my other models to get some context in size.

Next to HMS Warspite who she would have met at Jutland.

Next to a half built V&W destroyer.

And next to USS Missouri (which I didn’t bother dragging from the case). You can also kinda compare to a Type VII UBoat, a LHD and a Littoral combat ship

I really wanted to have her flying the Imperial German navy flags however the decals have just upped and vanished on me. I believe I put them somewhere for safekeeping. At some point I will find them and attach them.

@Russelle Railings went on pretty well for the most part. Some inconsistencies with stuff lining up and some interesting folds along the casement roof but easily fixed. Not sure about a feature article. Will think about it.

Thanks for following along and I will see you all soon for something a little bigger :smiley:


She’s a beaut Rory. Well done pushing through with the masts and rigging. I would have just cried.

Rory, outstanding!

Rigging work is just insane.

She is a beautiful ship, but just one suggestion. Where the vertical radio lines run and meet the horizontal lines above the center turret, you should cover the attachment point with white glue and paint them black. This way it will look like insulators at the connection points.
Mark :beer:

Great idea. I went back and did just this. Thank you :slight_smile:


congratulations on commissioning your Koenig! Looking at your keel laying and commissioning dates, wow, swift work! And outstanding, she’s looking just awesome! Great that you eventually decided to rig her, the rigging really turned out outstanding!
And I like your comparison with other same scale models - wow, I’d thought Koenig was bigger…Warspite ist not a huge ship, compared to WWII battleships, smaller than Gneisenau, but way bigger than Koenig - interesting impression!

Great job!


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Rory you have done a beautiful Job with her. The thing I don’t like is that you can finish a Kit in such a short Time compared to my Build Time. A wee bit jealous…Cheers mark

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Great job with the rigging Rory, very tidy indeed,

Congrats on commissioning.

Cheers :beers:


This one just kinda bit me and held on. My other battleship builds were a tad bit longer. My USS Missouri was just under 2 years and my HMS Warspite was around 2.5 years. Granted they had very long breaks during the build but still took me a while :smiley:

Also doesn’t hurt that despite the issues this kit gave me, it was pretty low parts count and not that complex.

@McRunty - amazing work !!


She’s beautiful Rory! :blush:

Great work, and very quick! I too am envious of your build time that you achieved! :wink: