1/35th scale M3 Grant Mk1 with full interior by Miniart

box artwork
Been champing at the bit to find time to start this rather intense full interior kit. Lets take a look inside the box.
sprue frame everywhere
I know some kit building blogs show all the sprues, I think that’s boring, so I’m keeping a few secrets covered till they are exposed during the build. And what a build this promises to be, look at this view of the interior in the instruction sheet.
instructions a


starting right here below the drivers position.
floor first seventeen parts fitted
the driver sits right up front astride the transmission housing liker he’s riding a hog.
early wash b
I do love building AFV interiors, seeing the detailed area where the crew lived, fought, ate, slept and some died. I know all the arguements I’ve heard “why bother, you won’t see it” well you will see it, right here, with the whole internet able to look on… if they want to.
washes are important inside a tank, they get grubby in a very short time in the field.


This is my first Miniart full kit build, so i don’t know what to expect, quite frankly, but so far, fit has been very good, I always trial fit, here are the lower hull tub sides trial fitted, they click into place like a dream fit. off they come now for some white paint.
drivers seat area test fit hull side


tub sides, nicely done.
hull sides in white


There is a mini-art group build going. If you think you’ll be done by year-end you should put this in it. We would like to have more…

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Looks great.
Interesting to see a build up of this kit. I have their AEC armoured car with full interior, and quite frankly, the complexity terrifies me just as much as WNW FE.2b!

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oh I didn’t know that, I’ll join in with a GB when I have a few builds under my name on this site, being a newby I’m still earning my spurs.

AEC armoured car with interior detail, I’ve had that on my want to build list for ages, got to add one to my stash first, build it, build it, go on, go on, go on. Would you like a cup of Tea Father?

Ah, what’ a WNWFE2B is it plane, boat, train or AFV?


I think I might have to at some point. The trouble with the kit is the amount fiddly pe, which I really don’t like working with, and small hatches. So even if you model them ope, you can’t see anything!

Wingnut Wings FE.2b is one of those flimsy looking WW1 pushers. All some point I will build it!

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Great start! I’m looking forward to seeing more. Thanks for sharing!

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that FE2B looks sublime, far harder a build than the AEC, even taking into account the PE that comes with the armoured car kit.

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the sides fixed onto the hull, excellent fit.
sponson plates fitted arrow showing spurious seat
my picture shows an arrow pointing to the spurious seat, that marks this as a Grant rather than a Lee, the Radio op was in the turret, so the radio ops seat in the hull was Buckshee. the grant had six crew compared to the seven in the Lee.


I think I’ll have to bite the bullet and just crack on with the AEC at some point. It’s a cool looking thing. Big vehicle too.

The Fe.2 is one kit I’m glad I bought following the closing down of Wingnut. It’s a stunning kit. Have seen a couple built at model shows and they’re very impressive in the flesh.

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well I for one will follow the build of the AEC if you decide to go ahead, as for small hatches and interior detail, yes! don’t listen to the interior nay sayers, we will all see it, on here.

next step on the Grant. Building up the side armour
first upper hull walls installed


Certainly will do a log here. Got a few things to get done first. It’s the MK1 with the Valentine turret. Would like the later version with the big 6pdr too.

The Grants looking great. Good to hear it went together with no troubles.

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Excellent job keep up the great work! Always loved how the driver sits on top of the transmission lol


so far so good, making up the 75mm gun mounted in the hull, not unlike the Char B1
75mm gun under construction


gun mounting fitted front

Amazing how these close up images show you your faults, like the join line on the gun and the burrs on the elevation handwheel, soon sorted.


the gun fitted in neat and tidy

gun fitted front view


an overview of the fighting and driving compartment, makes it’s design look very pre war, influenced maybe by the Char B1 bis.
general view gun fitted fighting comp B