1/48 Hobbycraft VNAF F8F,

A few weeks back I had decided that I wanted to build a F8F Bearcat, as I can’t remember ever building one in any scale before. Not the old Hawk or Monogram kits, nor any of the new tool releases, which I have a few of in my stash. Seeing how I’ve never built an RVN/VNAF aircraft either, I decided to go with this one that I’ve had in my stash for several years. Especially after recently building the Hobbycraft La-5FN. I like the cross of simplicity, and detail offered in this kit

So I’m kicking off my build today, using this Hobbycraft kit.

It’s one of their later moldings and is pretty nicely detailed, inside and out. Here is a photo of the real aircraft in the early 60’s

and the kit sprues… not too high of a parts count, so this might be a fairly rapid build

And of course, assembly starts out in the cockpit

I’ll get some paint on there in the next few days…


Carlos, I look forward to this build, esp. as the RVNAF machine. I intend to build the old Monogram T-28 as ARVN.

Thank you Fred. I have that same T-28 in my stash to do one day as one of the Farm Gate aircraft. Just not sure yet how much extra effort that I want to put into that build.

Started slinging paint on the Bearcat today. First up I used Tamiya Rubber Black in the cockpit and wheel wells. It works for a good faded black.

since USN cockpits in the post war era were painted in flat black from the level above the side consoles and IP, and Interior Green below that, I’m just gonna mask off the black areas tomorrow, then paint the green after giving the paint overnight to dry and cure before masking.

In the wheel well areas, I used Tamiya Yellow Green as Zinc Chromate Yellow over the Rubber Black

more to come tomorrow…


Minimal progress today, I’m trying to wrap up a few other projects that are nearing their respective finish lines. But I did have a good airbrush session for all three builds. For this one, I used Humbrol Acrylic Interior Green in the lower portion of the cockpit tub. Thinned with plain old water the stuff came our smoother than with the previous thinners that I had tried.

Now I have to do all the detail painting and weathering in there, so it will be awhile before I have more progress photos…