1/72 Works of an AA-holic

Here are some progress photos. The deck is starting to look busy.

I have decided not to install the unditching log. The straps were made from scrap photo etch frets.

The gun tower has been dry fitted.

The OKB wheels and tracks have now been glued in place.


Amazing work!!!

Wait Joe - you’re going to paint the driver in place? That’s crazy man!

Thanks guys! Yeah, it won’t be the first time I’ve been told that I need a psych eval. :grinning:

I did some more scratchbuilding on a unique part that I saw on several photos. On some of them, it looks like it is a placeholder for metal wedges of some sort. The right fender looks off without it. The photo shows the construction phase. From bent wires to gluing them in place.

The verdict is not out yet but I may put a jerry can there.

This photo shows the installation of the mounts for the mine sweeper. The donor kit for this is Zedval’s kit number N72010. Unfortunately, I will not use the whole mine sweeper. I will add that to my spares stash for other projects.

Here’s a top view.

I also scratchbuilt a brush guard for the search light. Here are two views. (Note the armor shields for the gun tower)

More work on the rear. I scratchbuilt hooks that will hold the spade in place. I also added some other details like OKB navigation lights, tube for rear search light as well as locking in place the tow cable eyes.

Getting there!


Tow cables and eyes have been secured!

Rear spade can now be in deployed or stored position. I have added the hooks (they are not glued in place) that will secure the spade when it is stowed.

I also added some details to one of the spade arms. I’ve seen in some photos that there are two lifting hooks on there, so I added it.

Finally, the right fender was looking a little bare without the unditching log. I added some ammo cans. One for AK-47, two for the ZU and one for the DsHK.

That’s it for this update.


Insane detailing… Lots of extras. Great build.

I just can’t imagine how you solder pieces that small. :crazy_face:

Excellent added details! Fantastic work - especially considering the scale.

Looking forward to see more :slightly_smiling_face:

I love your amazingly detailed work. Curious about the hooks you added to the spade arm because they seem backwards to me. Oriented in that direction, a clevis lifting the spade would tend to slip off the hook under tension. There’s really no debate if that’s how they’re oriented in the photos, but seems like an odd design to me.


You can notice the hooks in this view :



Thanks Frenchy! Looks like you have a good collection of BTS-4 photos. I searched online and saw many but not the ones you are sharing. Maybe I wasn’t searching properly. Thanks again for sharing them.

Amazing work!

You’re welcome. You can just do a Google image search for “Тягач БТС-4” (BTS-4 tractor) for more pics.


Over the top detail work!

Thanks very much, Bruce!

Amazing work on detail!

Incredible job!! I’m an AA-holic myself and this is absolutely inspirational!

Good to see some 1/72 content here! :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:

Missed this topic earlier… insane detailing in 1/72, fabulous!