1/72 Works of an AA-holic

Thank you for all the comments. I really appreciate all of you taking time to view my post and add a reply. Just wanted to provide an update on this project. I have completed the build phase on the BTS. Here are the glamour shots.

Apologies for the picture heavy post. Unfortunately, I will post another picture heavy on focusing on detail shots. In the meantime, have a look at my “walk around” pictures and let me know what you think.

Thanks again,



Lots of great details. :+1:

I do have a long project list of AFVs field modified with AAs. I will post them here as I build them. All 1/72 scale.

Very well done Joseph! Tons of details there for a 1/72 scale kit . Excellent job!

Hope to see them soon, I’ve already posted some of mine here, but in 1/35.

Killer work Joe! How did I know that this was gonna be one of your projects?

Off the Hook Joe!! So much work and detail in such a small package…Love It!!!
:+1: :nerd_face: :+1:

Amazing. Truly amazing.

Hey Carlos, you’ll recognize the work of someone who needs a psyche eval! Good to see you here!

Hey there Sebastian, here is one of my older projects. It is a Ural 4320 with the ZU-23-2. 1/72 scale by Gran.

I am going to use a resin canvas cover made by Alex Miniatures.

I have New Penguin PE set for the Ural and some Balaton Model resin wheels but I decided to save them for another project.

The Ural was considerably an easy build but you’ll have to do some measuring in order to glue parts to the chassis. There were no molded positioning guides.

I dry fitted the canvas cover.

Not bad. I’ll work on the AA next.



I absolutely love it and it’s one of my future projects but on a ZIL-131 in 1/35, I’ll be following this one!

Amazing work!

Hello everyone,

Here are detail shots of the BTS



A very brief Youtube demo of the rear spade which can be locked in place or lowered. Hoping it will be easier to paint.
Rear spade demo

Joseph, it’s good to see you here too! Your work is always a feast for the eyes. And doing this level of work in 1/72 does certainly qualify for needing a psych evaluation! Micro insanity! But that BTS is killer work!
Are you going to share these over on the So Cal AMPS website as well? It’s pretty quiet there and we could use the additional stuff for viewing.

Thanks Carlos. I’ll see if I can. Unfortunately, it is hard to manage multiple online posts and still having to deal with photo hosting sites. Especially with the volume of pictures that I take. I did post these same pictures on the FB SoCal AMPS page a while back. Both FB and this site allow upload of photos directly from my phone. No need to go to a photo host site then copy and paste links. Making it way easier. I’ll try to at least post my entry for the 20 hour group build.

No worries Joe. I hear ya about the image hosting issue. But I’ve been doing that for so many years, it’s second nature to me to use one. This place and Scalemates are the only sites that I use that do not require the image hosting sites, so I pretty much create one post, then copy and paste to other sites, including here, at the same time. It seems like most of the guys in the club ignore our site and only post on Facebook anyways.
I don’t want to sidetrack this thread anymore from your fine builds here.

Work has started on the ZU. First thing I tackled are the barrels. There are no aftermarket barrels available. So, I used brass tubes and wires. Here are the components.

I then added some kit supplied photoetched parts plus some greeblies. Here are the resulting pictures.

I also updated the ZU base/trailer.

More pictures to follow. Thanks!


Very nice, neat work. I’ve always liked 1/72, in spite of the eye-strain. If I may ask, what do you use for tube cutting and squaring off? I spend too much time trying to get the ends squared off.

Hello Colin, thank you for your comment. For me as a kid in the 70s, I loved my Airfix and Esci figures and models. Since I was just going to school without any fixed income, only a small allowance, small scale stuff gives more bang for my buck. I’ve never lost my affinity to Braille scale.

For cutting tubes, I find that a jeweler’s cutting miter and fine saw blades are indispensable. I bought my miter at Micromark. I just checked their site and I can’t find it there. This is what it looks like.

Hope this helps.