#3, Almost Acceptable

After a day of adjusting skin tones and “feathering in” the oils I am satisfied with the results so far. This one is about 80% finished. I still need a bit more work before I set it aside to dry hard before working in some facial textures.

Time to get the last two heads up to speed and work the new techniques as a set. I may give all of them a dull coat to seal in the work so far. It’s always a dice roll when working in a new technique after getting this far, but I’m willing to take that chance.

Thanks for watching. Cheers, Ski.

P.S. Let me not forget the red tones as well. Sheesh, just caught that, lol.


What no gaps in the teeth….your slipping bro. :crazy_face: j/k.

Great work as usually, if mine turned out a 10th of your 80% I would be over the moon.


Looks good! Can’t wait to see the other faces

Yep, that’s a commin up next, Brother. Also, the left facing eye is off and will be corrected. Sometimes you don’t catch the little errors without a zoomed shot to verify. It may look ok now, but zoom in closely and you’ll see it.

I hate leaving know errors, it would drive me bonkers. In this scale most everyone would not catch it, but we play to the camera, and that b@tch sees EVERYTHING!

Thanks, CK, more coming soon.