14 Shades of Panzer Grey _ Paint review

Thought this might be of interest.

14 Shades of Panzer Grey - Which Model Paint is the Most Accurate

I think its a cool comparison.
I’m definitely not color accuracy fanatic. I like to see colors roughly in the ballpark.


Very interesting, even if I am not crazy about super color accuracy ,also because then you start with filters and weathering and the perfect color ends up in the toilet … :poop:… but it is still very interesting, and I am glad that 2 of my 3 favorite brands are in the top 3…MMP and LC

Agree, a very interesting video, thanks for the heads-up!

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Really good on the technical side, especially his explanation of the Munsell color scale. I also thought he was fair and honest in his comparisons. His goal was to find the most correct prototype match, and it looks like he found it.

I would say, though, that he does pretty much dismiss the aspects of scale lighting and color perception of miniatures when viewed under normal lighting conditions. He mentions modulation in passing a couple of times, and alludes to Zenithal lighting at least once, so maybe I’m just reading too much into how he presents his findings.

There is accuracy and correct color matching. However, there is also the effect that lighting has on miniatures that also effects the perception of color by the viewer. This is particular true in regard to value (to stick with the Munsell scale and his comparison criteria). In the end, there is more, I believe, to “correct” color than just the technically correct match when discussing and viewing miniatures.

Still, starting off with a correct color match as you work towards creating the perception of the real thing and its “correct” color in miniature can’t really be argued with.

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Yes, I took it as talking as close to an exact match in 1 to 1 scale when mentioned the MRP Mr Paint chip basically disappeared when placed beside the original color.

Exact color accuracy is a fools errand in my opinion. If different pigments are used in the new paint than in the original paint it isn’t possible to match in all lighting conditions. If same Piggy is used but its ground differently - it won’t match in all lighting conditions.

Never mind the washes etc.

It’s like Shepard Paine said, if it looks right it’s right :white_check_mark:

I confess to delight when pointed out the fade resistance of German oxide paints and how Panzer Gray faded to~ uber chipped baby blue/sky blue panzers are essentially Extreme Artistic License :blue_heart:.

I really enjoyed the analysis of the blue-green contribution to panzer gray.
Nothing wrong with some Artistic License or Extreme Artistic License.

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Just from DIY experience you know how difficult it is to match paint. Ever run out of a color when doing a wall? You go back to the store and get the exact same color but it isn’t even when they use the exact same mixing ratios. That’s why they tell you to mix any leftover from the old can into the new.

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