2022 Campaign Ideas?

Now I want to bolt an 88 to a Universal Carrier.

Hell yes Im in!
There are so many possibility’s…

Pz.i with Pak-40…

Having read back through this thread, the one that hasn’t been pulled out as its own that I really want to do is the IJN/IJA campaign. I really don’t have the cycles to run any more campaigns, but would someone else please set this up as I’d like to participate!

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I’d second a Japanese campaign.
Have a small selection of IJN aircraft that I need an excuse to build.

What goes into running one/ is there a faq somewhere on how to set one up? I just bought a Nakijima B6N and would setup a campaign for IJN.

I likely wouldn’t be able to start it until day May-June thought

There are guidelines posted here: How to Start New Group Builds / Campaigns

The other thing one needs to do is encourage folks along (well, I appreciate the folks who run campaigns and who encouraged me when I started to participate) and at the end send Jim a list of folks who completed and a pointer to a badge.

Perfect. I could try my hand at running the IJN one. I want to run a half track one at some point too

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The build leader should also try and keep the thread in the the top area of posts initially, to generate the interest needed to get participants. Then they need to keep the momentum in case that missed it initially can see the ongoing thread. Make a post to bump it up if needs be. Most guys do that by posting inspirational pics or ideas.

Also to entice the guys that love an award, propose an eye catching one that will encourage people to join up. Make the award visual and that stands out. Something like:

At the end of the campaign, everyone that finished gets the award. I believe that at the end of the build, you send Admin the user names of all the people eligible to receive it and they will allocate.

Lastly, you need to make sure participants are having fun.


Hmmm, well I’ve gone one, count 'em, one candidate for this campaign. A Hasegawa A6M2 Zero, that I rescued form a local charity store. A replacement canopy later and it needs a reason to be built. :wave:

I’m interested. I’ve a lot of Japanese plane in my stash.

@Mead93 Looks like tyou have at least 5 guys interested:


so it is time to start a proposal thread and see how many more will join up as a formal Campaign Proposal idea.

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I created a IJN/IJA proposal under the “Land of the rising sun” campaign title if anyone wants to check it out

Has this idea had any takers? I’d be up for it with a GMC deuce fitted with quad-0.50s. But is there a leader to propose it yet?

I created a “Lost to the Deep” Campaign if anyone is interested.

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Could that also be lost PE to the deep carpet pile ? :grin:


A bit hard to model nothing John, and then have proof you modelled it…


I was watching the Fast and Furious marathon on Showcase (groan now) over the holidays, and instead of a GB for any car in the movies, how about just a character. I chose Letty Ortiz.
The cars she drives are listed in the link below and I think the only kit you can’t get is for the Jensen Interceptor.

How about a “Don”t feed the monster campaign”.

You build until you lose a part to the carpet monster and where ever your build is at when that happens is what you submit for the final


So if you start by trimming out a piece of etch, you can finish the full build in less than 2 minutes… brilliant! :rofl:


It will take some finding but there are kits out there:

Also White metal and Vac form

ENCO Models did a pre-painted ready to assemble die cast kit as well as selling fully fully assembled ones.

and 4 months ago, someone was selling a kit on evil bay