2022 Campaign Ideas?

Small scale armour?
I remember the last one on the old site saw some amazing models built.


I would jump in with that.

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I’d consider this! Been eyeing accurate miniatures IL-2 with skis

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I would be interested in a 1/72nd scale amour build.

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I could also be dragged kicking and screaming into this…

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Any appetite for a “Command and Control” campaign?

Anything goes as long as it’s festooned with antenna and radios.

  • Command Tanks
  • Radio Trucks
  • AWACS aircraft
  • HQ ships like USS Blue Ridge

Heck, maybe someone could build a 1/2000 Cheyanne Mountain

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I like this idea. Has to be something specially kitted as a command unit, not just something pressed into service as a flagship or designated commander’s vehicle I guess?

Ideally yes. If a modified vehicle there should be something structurally different to the model that sets it apart from its regular variant. Doesn’t have to be massive, but you need to be able to point to it and say “that’s what makes it special”.

If this places too big a barrier on naval stuff to be practical, and someone really has an itch for a build, I think flagships would be ok but with the caveat that she’s built up as she’d have appeared during a significant battle.

It also doesn’t specifically need to be a “command” vehicle in the sense of it being occupied or driven by a unit commander. Radio relay vehicles, dispatch riders, even battlefield radar or radar picket ships all fits the bill as far as I’m concerned.

Just so long as the asset is involved in gathering, interpreting and/or disseminating battlefield information and orders.


Yes to a IJN/IJA campaign especially since I have a couple of ships I want to build

How about a what if campaign where your design must be realistic and would be possible. No T90A turrets on a Panzer 1 chassis.
All parts used must be within the same time period. No T90 A turrets on a panzer 1 chassis.
You could put a Panzer 4 turret on a T34. That is possible and within the same time period.

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Now I want to bolt an 88 to a Universal Carrier.

Hell yes Im in!
There are so many possibility’s…

Pz.i with Pak-40…

Having read back through this thread, the one that hasn’t been pulled out as its own that I really want to do is the IJN/IJA campaign. I really don’t have the cycles to run any more campaigns, but would someone else please set this up as I’d like to participate!

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I’d second a Japanese campaign.
Have a small selection of IJN aircraft that I need an excuse to build.

What goes into running one/ is there a faq somewhere on how to set one up? I just bought a Nakijima B6N and would setup a campaign for IJN.

I likely wouldn’t be able to start it until day May-June thought

There are guidelines posted here: How to Start New Group Builds / Campaigns

The other thing one needs to do is encourage folks along (well, I appreciate the folks who run campaigns and who encouraged me when I started to participate) and at the end send Jim a list of folks who completed and a pointer to a badge.

Perfect. I could try my hand at running the IJN one. I want to run a half track one at some point too

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The build leader should also try and keep the thread in the the top area of posts initially, to generate the interest needed to get participants. Then they need to keep the momentum in case that missed it initially can see the ongoing thread. Make a post to bump it up if needs be. Most guys do that by posting inspirational pics or ideas.

Also to entice the guys that love an award, propose an eye catching one that will encourage people to join up. Make the award visual and that stands out. Something like:

At the end of the campaign, everyone that finished gets the award. I believe that at the end of the build, you send Admin the user names of all the people eligible to receive it and they will allocate.

Lastly, you need to make sure participants are having fun.


Hmmm, well I’ve gone one, count 'em, one candidate for this campaign. A Hasegawa A6M2 Zero, that I rescued form a local charity store. A replacement canopy later and it needs a reason to be built. :wave:

I’m interested. I’ve a lot of Japanese plane in my stash.