2023 Campaign ideas?

How about “Red Ball Express”; mainly wheeled utility trucks from the US, Germany, England and Russia.

Plenty of subjects from Tamiya to MiniArt.

Like the Soviet Lend-Lease trucks or the German Opel trucks.


Thanks for starting this thread. I can’t wait to see what people add.

For now, I would be up for the Middle East planes idea.

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An interesting idea.
Not sure if we’ve had anything like that for a while?

That one might be for someone who’s a more prolific armour/soft-skin modeler than me to run though.

Good one. :red_circle:

Ooo I would likely be interested in a SEAD campaign. I was thinking of doing my Tamiya F-16CJ for the Teen fighter campaign, but perhaps I’ll save it for a SEAD campaign and do my F-18 for the Teen campaign


Would that fit into the Convoy campaign I recently posted? It’s open to all freight-haulers and modifications thereon. The call-out lives here: Convoy! So far we have 11 going and another 4 interested.

I’m also looking to launch a “Best tank that never was Part 2” campaign as soon as the existing one ends at New Year…


That’s two for SEAD. I’ve got a few I need to do myself.

LOL, I’m already in or signed up for 9 campaigns that I have a slim chance of finishing, 6 I let time run out on before I got finished, or even started and 2 special requests due in February. :roll_eyes: Far too may entries for Hanger Queens XII, XIII, XIV. Oh, and maybe I’ll actually start my Best Tank that Never Was for the second go around.
Then again, Trainers sounds interesting, I’ve been trying to do a trainers campaign for years. There’s one Wild Weasel on the shelf of doom, and another on the shelf of hope. I have plenty of X planes and XF candidates. Oh and one stalled and one almost started helicopter. :smiley: And I haven’t really looked at any other car or ship builds… :wave:


Got to be honest, that’s one I’m leaning towards myself. Not that I want to sway anyone’s opinion!

’Special Operation’ campaign…Russian vehicles/weapons of the infamous forty-mile lumbering convoy prior to the invasion of Ukraine, March 2022.



One for Trainers.

I have a started one of these, that has been in the Hanger of Shame for at least 30 years. If memory is correct, I have built and painted the interior.

If the campaign opened up for people to finish off a build, I would be interested.

Stupid me has made a New Year’s resolution to finish one shelf queen for every two new builds I do…

Yeah, I’m being more choosey this new year. I missed the Best Tank that never was too, but plan to get into that one this time around.

How about, “anything released in 2022”? A lot of great armor and planes released in 2022! Heck, there were even some autos too. One of MiniArt’s 3 wheeler for example. It would be a Kitmaker GB !
I’m willing to bet that pretty many of us got a 2022 release for Christmas.

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We used to have annual “Get’er Done” campaigns that ran Jan-Dec each year for exactly this purpose! Maybe they need ressurrected…

I seem to recall Aeroscale having Hanger Queen’s every year, and I thought the car and ship folks had similar ones every year too. :wave:

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Sadly I have a lot of things sitting around that could be the subject of “Get’er Done”…

In the New Year I will finish my phantom for the naval air campaign. It’s the Tamiya 1/48 kit and is really a joy. Some of the others … not so much :-).

I want to work on the two rail campaigns, one of which I think is actually active - the railroad structures. I don’t see, and may be misremembering the other, but I bought a gondola and a flak gun to put in it for that one…

Yes, I made the award badges for Hanger Queens. :grin:



Like Hot out of the molds? It’s an annual campaign (my understanding) for kits going back two years from the current year.


I could’ve sworn we had one announced for this year’s releases?

Thinking about the successful Made in France build, could we do another?
Britain, US or Russia? I think we’d be spoiled for choice for either of those.

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“Made in Russia” spanning every era, would probably gather a few interested parties, especially with the Ukraine situation.

Say, anything essentially ‘made’ to what is accepted as Russian Design, whether built there or built in another country under license (e.g T-54/T-55 built by Poland or Czechoslovakia).