2023 Campaign ideas?

April or so would be perfect for me. Need to get a few other projects tied up first.

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Cool. That was my thinking, give everyone a bit of time to finish up other projects. What do we think for timescale, 6 months enough?

Might put another idea forward towards the the middle of the year. NATO seemed to be a popular one along with Made in Italy. I might see if there’s more interest in X-Planes, Trainers and Middle East Airforces. Although I do wonder if the latter might get more interest with the inclusion of land and sea? Again, a good mix of equipment and cool cammo schemes in that part of the world. I still like the Red Ball Express suggestion too. While I don’t have a suitable truck in the stash (yet), I do seem to have acquired a LOT of petrol drums in various stowage sets I don’t know what to do with!

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9-12 months would be better for me personally…I work slowly, partly to avoid getting overexcited and messing up, and partly because life demands it.

But I’ll go with the majority vote either way.

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9 months sounds good to me.

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Doesn’t look like I can create a campaign? The new topic box is grey and doesn’t respond when I click it on the main campaign page.

Were you in the Staging Area? I just popped in and the button was working for me.

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No the first campaign page from the home screen.

This is what I get.

I might the staging area tomorrow and see if I have any luck there.

Yeah, go to the staging area and it will be straightforward…

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I’ll give it a go tomorrow. I was wondering if it was because I didn’t have an admin privilege or something or technical.

Yup - gotta be in the Staging Area to create a new campaign topic!

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Have created the campaign thread, but can’t see how I add the interested, going, not going buttons.
Couldn’t see them in the tools.
Anyone able to help?

To get those buttons you need to go to the settings gear at top right of the page (which means going back to edit it), and then choosing the create event option.

Beware how the code gets inserted! I go to the bottom of the set-up page (below the “A note about awards” text block), then add a couple carriage returns before going to the Create Event tool, and hope the button code gets put there as a string of text. Often it tries to add it to the end of the existing text block without a carriage return, so it shows in the preview as a string of code text rather than buttons - if that happens just add the returns so the code string is on a line of its own and it magically becomes the buttons! (See code below highlighted blue…)

It’s not very intuitive, but there’s nothing we can do to improve it - I asked Jim. Seems it’s just the way this part of the Discourse code works…


Brilliant, that got it! I used the simplified event tool and hadn’t added the spaces between the text.

Think I’ve got it figured out now.



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Please forgive me if this has been suggested:

The Oldie and Mouldy Build.
(There’s supposed to be a pun on “mouldy” in there. Sorry, couldn’t help myself.)

It has to be a plastic kit from before 1980; older the better.
No aftermarket anything.
Assembled with tube glue only.
One sanding stick. Maybe two.
No airbrush, or rattle cans. But will allow a primer to be sprayed with a rattle can.
Bristle brushes, and any other way to apply paint that one can dream up, allowed.

To make it real challenging - testors paint, not model master, those tiny bottles one still sees at craft stores. But honestly, I think this may be going too far.

Could be fun. But someone else would have to run it… because.


Interesting idea. I think you’d get more participation if the limitations were only on the build techniques.

Pre-1980s kit, no aftermarket, just filler and paint. Paint any method you choose.

Sounds like an interesting idea but I’m not brush painting a model :joy:

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Anyone interested in a Halftrack campaign towards the end of the year?

Fair enough, but limitations can be a good thing…

And for no other reason than it would be a fun silly weekend project.

Fess up, deep down you really wanna brush paint a kit… Just one more time. :smiling_imp:

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I think the problem is….I never did it to begin with!

Maybe it would be fun. At least the kit wouldn’t be expensive…


I could be tempted to do a halftrack late in the year. A chunk of my stash has both wheels and tracks.