2023 Campaign ideas?

Yes indeed, all the early WW2 stuff would fit right in as well as the WW1 leftovers.



That’s a good idea.
On the old site we had an interwar fighters campaign a few years back. Did the old Matchbox Siskin which I remember being a delight to build. A good excuse to build one of those Airfix Bulldogs in my stash if it happens.

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For made in Italy I have a Ba65 to build

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Anyone interested in a Bust campaign? Any thing from any time from the waist up.

that sounds like something one of my former girlfriends said to me :yum::yum::yum:


“My eyes are up here.” :hugs:


So aviation folks have a Hanger Queen campaign every year for shelf of doom projects, I don’t recall armor folks having something similar, should we?

We have had in the past, but not recently. Needs a leader to step forward…

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Looks like there was an “Unfinished Business 2021” for armor, but it doesn’t look like there was a 2022 campaign. Guess armor guys actually finish stuff. :wave:

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maybe it should be called the garage of chagrin?

  • Bright colors.…pastels, primary colors, neons, metallic…other colors besides military flat drab colors.
  • Civilians. All time periods, all scales. No military uniforms allowed
  • Photographers photographing something. Has to be a figure of a photographer with a camera from vintage to Sci-Fi and has to have the camera aimed at photographing something so this is a vignette or diorama scene. Can be camera, smartphone, video camera, TV camera, drone, or laptop as the photographing device, but has to have the photographer figure included.
  • Animals Has to be an animal model kit and not a nickname to some armored vehicle such as the WW2 German “Elephant.” Can be 3D printed. Any scale and any animal topic from fish to birds to pets to wildlife. Cannot be animal skeletons. Alien animals subject to review by campaign host.
  • Activities Other Than War. Civilian activities such as watching TV, biking, hiking, fishing, cooking, taking out trash, music, school, spray painting, etc. Use those appliance and music instrument aftermarket kits to create a scene. Can be a driver figure standing next to a car = driving.
  • Civilian buses and vans. Any vehicle that can seat six or more passengers in seats. No cars or pickups allowed.
  • Softskins and open-tops. I think that this was a campaign before…no heavy armor. Special Force vehicles included
  • Post-Apocalyptic. Mad-Max vehicles, zombies, Survivors, wastelands, Biohazard, Post-WW2, TERMINATOR, etc.
  • Police, Fire, government, and EMS vehicles and figures. All scales and all time periods.
  • Royalty. Sci-Fi (Princess Leia), Anime, fantasy, knights, armored warriors, princesses, queens, princes, kings, any figure that might wear a crown and sit on a throne. Can be fictional, wargame, or historic.
  • Comedy. Create a small funny scene/vignette showing a laughable moment. Can be a kit or a scratchbuild.
  • Horror. How about a good monster, Halloween, spooky, or scary build of figures, vehicles, or scenes?
  • Vegetation. Scenes were foliage, trees, plants, and bushes are dominant. Bring out the modeling gardener in you! Minimal figures and vehicles with emphasis on creating Nature’s beauty.
  • Resin. Any kit that is made or resin, no plastic or metal kits.
  • Modern Special Operations. Special Operations Forces vehicles and figures post 1991 Desert Storm.
  • NATO. Any AFV, warship, plane, figure, or weapon representing a NATO country.
  • Rust and Weathering. Vehicle, ship, structures, knights, and plane kits where the emphasis is on heavy weathering. Must include washes, pigments, ad weathering products. Can also include Sci-Fi.
  • Advanced Expert Masterwork Modelers ONLY. An invitation for those truly expert modelers to join and build something. No novice modelers in this build. Surprise and impress us with your creations. Can be a plastic or resin kit that includes PE, aftermarket items, and going for it all. To enter, must show us a completed build first for the host to determine if you are a master modeler.
  • Walls, fences, bunkers, barriers, and fortifications. Show us how walls, fences, barriers, bunkers, and fortifications change the scene and divide people. Has to have a base to show a scene. Can be as simple as barbed wire or as complex as a HESCO fort. Can be a backyard garden fence or concrete barriers on a street. The emphasis is the barriers telling the story that divides, and not being an accessory to a vehicle or plane.
  • REAL woodwork. Something new and different. Build has to be mostly made or REAL wood…balsa, wood kit, tongue depressor sticks, toothpicks, or logs. Can be fences, cabins, piers, scratchmade trees, decking, house, trench walls, treehouse, shadowbox of wood, saloon interior, miniature furniture, lumber mill, steamship, wood sailing ship, windmill, railroad trestle, etc.
  • Railroad miniatures to realism. Show us how you took a railroad kit, be it a vehicle, locomotive, structure, or railroad car, and improved it with weathering, customization, decals, washes, and your own personal touches so that it doesn’t look like bare clean plastic.
  • Lights. Test your wiring and engineering skills and make any part of a model, scene, diorama, or vignette have LED light.
  • Hover. Sci-Fi it and make any vehicle of any time period become a hovercraft, hoverbike, hovertank, hoverboat, etc.
  • Water. Create a watery vignette scene with the emphasis on liquid water taking the vast majority of the theme. Can be a flood, waterfall, river, lake, puddles everywhere, fish tank, submarine in the ocean, etc.

Funnily enough, NATO came to my mind this afternoon!

Those are some good ideas. Thanks.

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@phantom_phanatic Thanks.

I don’t know about the Advanced Expert Masterwork Modelers ONLY proposal…could be some resentment as it could bring back some expert modelers with huge egos who no longer post here…don’t want to start a flamewar as to who builds the best. Still, if managed and hosted properly, could also invite some worldclass modelers from all over the world that are mostly lurkers. It’s not a contest, but it will be a campaign showing WIP and how they got to be so awesome at modeling.

Yeah, it’s one I’d body-swerve!


How about a sexy nose art campaign? any era, any rating-except x rated- clothing optional-lol


I have a hard time painting normal faces, painting a sexy nose is beyond me

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Trisaw. We have had a couple of Resin builds but only a small number of participants. A lot of guys shy away from full resin kits, but if you open it up to resin conversions, where there is a significant amount of Resin, you might get a few more takers.

I was reading a thread on the “Free WiFi” V-150 Commando on another thread and made me wonder…

Why not create a campaign focusing on vehicles and aircraft that the Philippine Armed Forces used during the Siege of Marawi in 2017.

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Interesting, not sure if I would know where to begin with something like that though.

Ok, what are peoples thoughts on a SEAD aeroscale campaign, maybe start March or April? Or do we need a bit longer to set the wheels in motion?