3D print a siebel ferry

Hi, i found a file i want to have a friend 3D print for of a German Seibel Ferry. Is there any way to convert the dimensions to make it a 1/35 scale model, it is currently formatted in 1/300 scale?
This is the file in question

Sure, about all programs that can manipulate .stl files can scale this up for you. Two that I could name would be Meshmixer and NetFabb.
But I wouldn’t do it - if you print that upscaled file it will cost you a small fortune and it will look obnoxious. If it was drawn for 1/300 the walls would have the minimum printable thickness - let’s say 0,5 mm (which is way overscale - multiply this by 300 and you get 15cm = 6 inch thick walls). Now to get 1/35 scale you scale the model up 8,57 times - and now the walls are 4,3 mm thick. Other features will also be grossly overscale.

I hope this helps - thanks for reading and have a nice day


@Pawel thank You for that insight. This is my first time entertaining the thought of this. What would you recommend I do, is there a way to print half of it or is it just not worth the venture?

Not worth the trouble.
If you are into scratcbuilding I would recommend that.

The design for 1/300 has sacrificed a lot of details, re-scaling to 1/35 will never recreate those lost details.
This 1:87th model

shows a lot more details, maybe there should be more in 1/35th
Photo of actual ferry
The sides are not solid, they are stanchions, wire and net. Just one example of lost detail.
Loaded with vehicles.

While googling for images (Siebel ferry) or (Siebelfähre) I noticed that the barges used as catamaran hulls differed. Some looked purpose built and others looked like Plain Jane river barges.
(The Plain Jane is not a Siebel ferry, Google image search tricked me, the page containing the photo is about landing craft/ferries)

The moving one looks blunt while the stationary one looks like civilian barges

Resin and PE 1/700 model as “reference”, no longer available but it shows that it is possible to have more details in 1/700 than the 1/300 design you found.

Pricey 1/35 model suitable for RC-control.

Interesting article: Siebelfähre (Siebel Ferry) Color Photographs – Inch High Guy

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@Uncle-Heavy ahhh, i did not catch that in all the pictures ive seen. Frankly, im only aware that there’s different variations. I am tempted to scratch build but my other thought was using some verlinden barges. They would be about just over half the length of what I need but maybe it could just be a smaller one.

I’ve also seen the pioneer landing craft in resin but that was $150 and can’t be found anywhere.

Maybe if i could get two barges then cut the front off them i could depict half of one. I may be wrong but it could be worth a very (expensive) scratch build.

If you picked the squared off end it might be easier to scratch build a waterline “model” of the barge. Sheet styrene shouldn’t be hideously expensive.
The building instructions for that 1/35 RC-model shows simple flat pieces …
If I were to do this I would use the photos of that model as reference.

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@Uncle-Heavy im considering this approach to be honest. Thinking of using 3x5 cardboard cards to make an outline first.

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The Bundesarchiv has some good images of Siebelfähre too. There is a German Naval history site that catalogues all Siebelfähre made/employed with service histories, and some listings have images. HMA-Siebelfahre

@jpwaller these are great! I’m thinking if i can’t build a full size man i can do half of one. I’m thinking of a loading diorama for an operation sea lion diorama. Using an LWS also in the scene. I’m aware the LWS was supposed to act as a tractor for unpowered barges as well so it could work.

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That sounds very interesting Gregory but I don’t think Siebelfähre would have been suitable for open water Channel crossing, and LWS was still in development in Summer 1940. The combination of LWS and Ferry would be much more likely in the Adriatic or the Black Sea, or even Eastern Front river crossings. Looking forward to see your progress on this project, which I have pondered on as well.

@jpwaller that is somewhat true, i believe most of these were gonna be more suitable for a 1941 invasion or a very late 1940 attempt. I know the various ferries and landing craft were almost a hodge podge of ideas that were combined to make an amphibious force. If i remember correctly they even tried using wine barrels as a base for a landing craft.

Edit: but maybe an Adriatic Sea diorama would be more suitable. I read about the various islands that the German invaded around 43 when the Italians surrendered .

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Having done a few LCT types recently, some by 3D printing some by styrene fabrication I would say for a one off, fabrication is easier and quicker, strength is similar both ways. 3D print gives a little more space inside (important for RC) but fabrication is easier to finish. As a Siegel ferry is basically a series of boxes it should be an easy build using either technique. I am looking at a possible MFP model in 1/72 but haven’t decided on build method yet.
Fabricated LCT(5) top, and 3D printed LCT(2) bottom, both 1/72 scale


@Amegan those look great. I’m thinking of doing the 3x5 card method for it and starting it in a few weeks. It would roughly be 15 inches wide and 27 inches long if i built the entire ferry. I may also prefabricate for a diorama and cut the dimensions but am not 100% sold on doing that yet. I’ve also seen German landing craft that would be comparable to the lcvp called pioneer landing boats with a ramp and enough space to fit a tank or a platoon of infantry.
Luckily I’m still in the planning stages of this idea. I’m thinking of a loading scene in a harbor with infantry walking onto the ferry. But i can always change it and do it on the sea or leaving as well.

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There was/is a kit for 1/35 Pionier Landungsboot 39 by Schatton Modellbau (nr. 3584)

There is a build/dio with it at Panzer-bau.de


@jpwaller id love to find that kit but it appears to be out of production

It doesn’t say that at the Schatton site following the link posted above???
Pionier Landungsboot 39 by Schatton Modellbau (nr. 3584)

@jpwaller is there anyway to translate the page, I’m trying to pay and it didn’t have a place to take my card

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If you are using Google Chrome browser you can translate the page…(just do a right-click on it)



@Frenchy i was on my phone. May need to get on the computer. I put an original order in and the email said they’d send me an email with payment instructions

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Allows you to translate the page. It seems there are some issues with the Java on the site. You could try to send them an email if you are completely stuck???