3D prints and CADs Part 2 - by petition2God

Here’s one in action:

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Hello all. Just got in hand some of the latest offerings from James and wanted to share. All looks great! Tow bars, radios, jerry cans with embossed print, claymore mines and the clear IV bags. Photos on my phone camera do not properly capture how nice these things look in your hands. Many thanks James! Wishing you much success ahead.


CAD for F-86 Pylons… Aircraft parts are too time-consuming. Too many cuts, panel lines, rivet recessions, and curves. Going to stay with armor model parts from now on…

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F-86 short pylon CAD:

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Some prints from this weekend:

“AK-74M Assault Rifle” (AK-74M Assault Rifle - Download Free 3D model by FJH [9084c3b] - Sketchfab) by FJH is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution (Creative Commons — Attribution 4.0 International — CC BY 4.0).
AK-74M in 1/35

Milk crates in 1/35

F-86 pylons in 1/48:


Wouldn’t that also include the LVTP-7?

Hi Ryan,
Sure but the sprocket would be slightly different with LVTP-7.

I knew you designed some sets for LVTP/AAV but I thought at one time they all had the same running gear and has been stated by many as such. Is that statement incorrect or just not 100% true?

Hi Ryan,
Not sure. All I know is that the USMC AAVP-7A1 RAM sprocket looks slightly different but everything else in the bogie set is interchangeable:


Bradley or MLRS’s:

I had to make some small adjustments - in addition to making some asymmetrical shape change to the half of it (to be more accurate), which is applicable for both.

Not really an expert so maybe someone else will chime in. I just see the photos, get the dimensions, and CAD… :smiley:

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Same, not an expert and I get that.

Better representation of the idler wheel:

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Want some Gatorade?


Get your Gatorade and quench your thirst. :smiley:
$2.50 for medium size version in 1/35; $3 for big size in 1/35.


Some very nice Cads and even better products once printed … If its not to much trouble, is there any chance you can move and relocate to the UK to make ordering easier for me… :grin:

That would make things more difficult for me. Sorry mate, can’t allow it. :rofl:

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Ok, fair enough mate … I thought it was worth a try … As Spock said … " the needs of the many etc etc etc" :frowning_face:

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Y’all are hilarious.


Some prints from last night. I must admit that my printing skills and support removing skills have improved quite a bit. My apologies to those who have bought these earlier last year: I did not remove the supports for you and you had to suffer…

Javelin set with supports removed:

M67 90mm RR with most supports removed:


Can of worms~! CADded. :smiley: Need a break from armor modeling insanity, you know?


“President Putin, don’t open it, don’t open it!
Uhhhhhhh, he opened it!”

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