3D prints and CADs Part 2 - by petition2God

Weld bead on bore evacuator on T-55’s.
Some have it, some don’t.
Maybe a manufacturing issue, which factory made it?
Opened for maintenance/modification and then welded shut again?

Hard to find photos of the same tank from two sides, in case the weld bead
was randomly placed left or right.

Edit: Fixed some typos, I was in a hurry when I created this post, DANG …

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I think so. I was looking at photos and noticed it as well.

Finally found one in a museum with photos shoing both sides of the barrel of the same tank.

There is one here:

sporting what seams to be a weld bead around the 7 -7:15 position (seen from the front)


Just got back home from Prague! 3D prints from last week:

Some clear prints in 1/35

AMX light indicator parts:


Welcome home James! Hope all is well in Prague?

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Welcome back James, hope the trip went well.

The clear parts look great. :+1: :+1:

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I was not going to CAD stuff for WWII Axis vehicles in 1/35 but with the generosity of @ MacFheargais’s STL files to improve Italeri’s Semovente M40 kit, I recently obtained the kit and planned to upgrade the parts with Grandd’s designs.
One main part not available for 3D printing was the main 75mm gun so I decided to CAD and 3D print it. The kit part is not great. Some CAD screenshots:

Reference photo used (posted for educational purposes only):

STL available for download at my cults3D page.