3rd Canadian anti tank, Royal Canadian artillery decals

I went to decal my archer model this morning and wow are the bronco decals thick. They also don’t seem to respond to anything. I tried hot water, microset/sol, and x-20A and they refuse to settle down and looks like I stuck on a piece of colored card paper. Thankfully I only applied two before deciding they wouldn’t do.

I think I’m gonna have to go aftermarket. I don’t really want to spend the coin, but this build has gone really well up until now so I want to finish it right.

Anyone know which sheet(s) I need to replicate these markings?

Most are generic unit markings so I don’t anticipate they’ll be too hard to source; the serial number in the other hand might be a struggle

Archer Fine Transfers

Something like this for the rest of the markings

There is older transfer sheets they sold with number jumbles that would work too.

Hmmm I might have to live with the kit decals, those sheets are lacking the L2 markings, and the baby blue Canadian flags for 3rd Canadian division. Looks like I’d have to buy 4 sheets at around $50 to make it work :frowning:

Mead a second Archer set, their Royal Artillery set, to accompany the set Ryan mentioned is what you might find useful - it has the L2 separate:

and with your penchant for all things Canuk you will probably also get value from this one:

and of course:


Soon you can order in the states for cheaper. You can ask Woody about future products for the missing items. I think they had more transfer options vs decal options as the catalog is switching over but you would have to find at other shops.

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I don’t have the battery markings, but I can send you the AOS and 3rd Division markings if you don’t mind waiting for Canada Post (btw, the markings for 3CID are “French Grey”)

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Thanks following @Tank_1812 i found those two sheets. Only thing I’d be missing is the baby blue Canadian flag :frowning:

But I don’t think there is anyway to make the kit decals work, they are laughably bad. It looks like I painted a piece of card paper and stuck them on. They are even worse than Tamiya… I already have roughly $80-90 into this build with the metal barrel and metal tracks, might as well toss another $30 at the problem

Who are they by? I’ll take them if they are thin lol! I don’t mind waiting, better than trying to use these and ruining the kit.

I’m wondering if bronco messed that up too, they are seem quite blue

Here you can see how bad they are. The decal itself is washed out from glare, but you can see the raised edge.

A closer, maybe cheaper option?

It’s from the Archer sheet above (maker not model) They’re printed by cartgraph. Only thing I find with them is they take a little while to come off the backing. Just be patient.

Like I said though, you’re out of luck for the battery markings.

As for the colour, variety is the spice of life. The official pic on the CF website is very blue, but that’s the modern colour which was supposed to be more like the WWI colour.

I’ll take the AOS 46 and 3CID division sign if you don’t mind? Saves me from buying two sheets. Now I just need battery decals, stars and letters. I may try my hand at spraying the stars by cutting out the kit decals

What size stars and how many? I’ll run some masks off on my wife’s cricut. Letters won’t cut reliably below about 0.5cm so you’re probably stuck sourcing those.

Archer do Stars too. Veru useful to have these for other builds.

DO NOT Buy a set of MIG’s US Stars Myself and 2 other club members wasted our money on those.

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I’m a big dummy, I got a cricut for Christmas. I can probably cut stars out really easy with that hey?

Just to check, do you have two each of the AOS and 3CID markings? I need two of each, one for the back fender and one for the front

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Archer star options, if the cutter doesn’t work out or researching on what real size should be.

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Thanks guys! Feeling better about this already. Was pretty disappointed when my best build to date was being derailed by poor kit decals

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I thought you’d said that and then I couldn’t remember.

Cutting masks is pretty easy once you get the hang of it (I haven’t, but this is where my wife helps). Order your self some cheap TEMPORARY vinyl off Amazon. You need to make sure it’s not the permanent stuff.

You’ll still need to be careful peeling it off. I accidentally used Cricut brand stuff last night rather than my cheap crap and peeled some paint with it.

And yep. I’ve got fronts and backs. My last two 46 so you’d better make this thing look good! Random question, I’ve got 6x8mm and 5x6mm, what size do you want?

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Thanks for the tips, I for sure would have bought the wrong stuff! I’ll go measure, the kit came with two sizes as well but only one size is used.

I also wonder how hard squares are to make on the cricut/ if the battery squares are too small too make well. If not then I’ll i will need is the generic letters for the serial number and battery marking numbers

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They appear to be 5x6mm, the 3CID markings are 5x7mm