A introduction to myself

Apologies this is a long read, but I try to use what happened to me to educate others on what to look out for with my condition :face_with_head_bandage::face_with_thermometer::woozy_face::joy:

Hi PsiFox here aka Mark. Thought I’d better write a introduction instead of inadvertently hijacking someone’s post.
I used to model a lot when I was a child and teenager, but got into cars, motor racing and girls. I am now a returning modeller as of the start of this year.

Come 2020 I was self employed when covid hit and lost my business and damaged my heart and lungs. As a new business I got no assistance from government, cest la vie.

Fast forward to July 2022 I had a simple day surgery and 48 hours later I was in
A&E getting scheduled for emergency surgery. Turns out the hospital gave me MRSA, which gave me septic arthritis which gave me necrotising fasciitis, which started by eating all the cartilage in my knee.
Then it did its best to kill me and I was in isolation for 4 weeks ( for my protection not anyone else) having 5 sets of Iv antibiotics a day plays tablet,to try to kill the infection. Over the first 2 weeks it got worse, by which time every vein in my arm and wrists collapsed and I ended up with a Iv running into my heart. I had another procedure in that time but my infection count began to drop and after 4 weeks I was allowed home but needed Iv antibiotics at home for another 3 weeks to get rid of it. Getting home was good because I was in a single room and saw nothing of ward life, there was no tele and I was forbidden to go through the door. In addition the internet was awful and just about allowed voice comms but no vide. This along with my disabled wife only managing every 3-4 days meant by the time they discharged me I was going stir crazy. I slept a lot with all the drugs and would wake up to find myself talking to shadows on the wall.

I got rid of it but it’s now always there hiding, ihave scans of my heart and spine as it likes to pop out possibly years later and eat heart valves and damage my spine. A spine which was also damaged at the first operstion when to make it easier I had a epidural. When it wore off there was a tingling in my right foot and a loss of sensation in my sole. Later tests showed the anaesthetist nicked my spinal cord giving the injection. The loss of sensation is getting worse and moving up my leg slowly and starting on the left foot now. The tingling has turned into non stop pain as my nerves make my foot feel like it’s being permanently crushed in a vice.

I’m currently awaiting my fifth surgery for a total knee replacement, a straightforward procedure except my consultant asked me to think seriously because the likelihood is the infection will come out to play and this time it will be used to the antibiotics. He’s told me if that happens I should face up to the fact that if they cannot control it, they’ll have to take the leg, to stop the infection spreading. If it spreads it can take my life.

So since coming out off hospital at the end of August 2022 I live in my living room as I can’t manage the stairs, in fact walking on crutches is so uncomfortable,I don’t go out much at all.

It was my wife who said that as I couldn’t get upstairs to where my bench was going to be in the spare bedroom when I returned, would I like to have the dining room to build in. I have my spraybooth in the utility room.

So since the beginning of this year I’ve been modelling, pain permitting for a hour or so a day although sometimes I do none in a month. I’m prolific and on both my second and third models of the year.:thinking:
The first took 5 1/2 months so I’m getting better​:rofl::+1:
I build anything that takes my fancy as long as it’s biggish to big. This is partly because I have cataracts growing but early days and rheumatoid arthritis in my fingers. I live for morphine and more and more morphine but some days and nights I can’t sleep a wink. I can’t work, I can’t even drive, with no income for almost 4 years I’ve had to sell my mid life crisis (Jaguar sports car not a mistress😎 and some of my best watches) but we managed to pay off the mortgage which was a good thing and my wife is tremendous and buys me kits for birthdays and Christmas. She even found me a1/24 Airfix Mosquito🥰.

So why have I bored you with this diatribe. Since I got infected I work with the U.K. Sepsis trust a charity that aims to increase awareness of this infection. You may not know this, but Sepsis kills more people every year than bowel cancer, breast cancer and prostrate cancer, COMBINED!!!
It’s indiscriminate and kills anyone infant to pensioner. There is no single test to identify it and it presents differently for people.
It can kill you in less than 12 hours from the event that causes it and this can be from scratching your ear on a bush as you mow the grass or from surgery. Like me. Anything that breaks your skin can set it going.

So I’m telling everyone about what this bitch can be and ask that everyone considers going to the sepsis trust website and learning what to look out for with yourselves and your family and friends.

So that’s me in a nutshell, do I like it of course not, but I can’t do anything, I’m not prepared to live the rest of my life like this, my next surgery will be what it will be que se ra as they say.

In the mean time I’m looking forward to chatting with you guys and I assume gals about kits and how rubbish some are and how the good are great and above all learning loads so my modelling improves .

Thanks for taking the time to get to the end. Well done you are certainly patient…
Spread the word


N.B. If I’m lax replying do forgive me, I forget things and my typing with massive amounts of drugs is hilarious, I spot the error and then type it the same for several attempts before I get it right. I still miss other errors. It’s taken me 2:days to write this.Just as well I’m not writing a book :sunglasses::+1:


Welcome to Kitmaker!

As I wrote in the other thread: what a horror story.

The MRSA epidemic is bringing hospital care back to the danger levels of the 18th or early 19th century.
My officers during my mandatory military service back in 1985 told us about the spread of MRSA and how certain antibiotics were held back to prevent breeding resitent bacteria.
Now it’s for real …

I think that the availability and overconsumption of antibiotics is a major cause in this.
We humans have also been lulled into believing that antibiotics will always be there to save us and we have started to neglect basic hygiene routines, soap and water, preferably warm, how difficult can it be …

I get the impression that the hospital you visited needs to be investigated, too many mistakes at once.

I wish you all the luck with recovering from the disasters you have experienced.


Mark welcome to Armorama!
I am so sorry to hear of your misfortune and current condition. I pray that you make an eventual recovery. In the mean time enjoy this site! This is the best site on the web for modeling, bar none. The guys here are helpful and knowledgeable and willing to share tricks, tips, and kit information anytime.


Sounds like a very tough time you have had of it Mark. I hope your next procedure goes well.

Welcome along to the site!



I do hope describing your situation and the responses has had some cathartic effect; I am actually a sepsis survivor myself (no details folks - but it was touch and go and then some). However, welcome to Armorama, one of the best sites pertaining to the hobby there is, in my opinion. I’m assuming that given whatever dexterity you can muster, the hobby will provide some relief and even stimulus. No matter what the question, some here on the site will, I’m sure be able to advise, comment and even reassure. The knowledge base is immense.

I’m sure I’m right in confirming that all will welcome you, and your modelling efforts; let’s see some builds!

(Please note that my own build rate is abysmal, so I do need to practice what I preach).

PS: Don’t worry too much about your typing; since my bout with sepsis I note that a certain mental acuity has been affected, and an almost dyslexic predisposition has replaced it - or at least that’s my excuse (I might, of course, just be turning into an old duffer!)

PPS: Shame about the Jaguar.


Welcome to Armorama, Mark! It’s the best modeling website, I’ve found on the net.

I hope everything turns the corner, improving for you going forward. That sounds like a horrible time and as mentioned, I’d look possible legal action against that hospital.


Welcome to the community. I hope that you will recover from your ailments and that 2024 becomes a year of new possibilities for you and your kin. Looking forward to sharing ideas with you and that you will find a lot of enjoyment in the hobby. :slight_smile:


Mark, … ditto all of what the guys said above. You have been through the grinder and then some … But you are here still and thats part of the battle won !!
I too have some passing knowledge of the dreaded sepsis … my mate at work,his son was at his gran dads one weekend a few years ago … feel over while he was out at night and scraped his arm i think it was … after going to bed he woke up 2 AM saying he was burning up and they had to sit him in an ice bath until an ambulance arrived to whisk him away … diagnosis … Sepsis shock and Doc’s said if he had been another hour from being admitted to hospital, he would of died !! made a full recovery but that was 3 weeks of being bed ridden… he was only 18 at the time … crazy !!

This is a great site and I been lucky enough to now be able to say I have a lot bigger friend base through the chaps here I have contact with , Bulgaria, USA, Oz, Canada France, Germany, Netherlands and Sweden and a few others …
Hopefully when you are able you can post some of your builds here or just chip in and comment on other threads… enjoy your time here and feel at home …


lol, thanks I forgot the cataracts in both eyes but not bad yer and my fingers on both hands have rheumatoid arthritis, just to cap it all off.

When I go I’m thinking of leaving my body to medical science.:face_with_thermometer:


That’s really interesting that you had sepsis and found your ability to type what you are thinking results in Ted drivel sometimes.

Pic of one of my builds, no. 3 the
Takom 1/16 jeep

The other 2 are the new
Revell 1/32 mkIIb Hurricane int the markings of Squadron Leader Alois Vašátko DSO & DFC NO.1 and the Kotare Spitfire also in 1/32
Photos to follow.

I have a small but eclectic stash as I tend to buy models that reference someone or something and also I read a lot of WWII history particularly Aviation and Maritime along with Naval aviation, across all theatres of operations , particularly Europe and the Pacific,and I have certain areas in particular of interest and choose kits that come from those specific areas of interest.


Thanks for all the kind words. It actually gives me a boost to chat with people, apart from visits to hospital, I guess I get out once maybe twice a month, socially as travel in a car is painful and after a couple of hours meeting friends I start to get more uncomfortable so the wife takes me home again.
She drives me to my LHSi if ask just to pick up stuff and eye up models.

Buy is done by careful budgeting as I have no income so birthdays and Christmas get a couple and the rest I buy on PayPal pay in 3 as it allows me to budget my spending, no interest and no fees so it’s quite handy.
I think my stash numbers around 14 now


Welcome aboard Mark. Praying your 2024 is better.

The Jeep is looking pretty good, keep it up. :+1::+1:


Hey Mark, nothing wrong with your modelling skills; that Jeep looks just fine! Keep at it.

The sepsis thing was a real bastard, not least in that there was in fact no external wound; my body just seemed to decide it wanted to eat itself, particularly my liver. It all manifested itself in an epidural abscess, which is/was not for the faint-hearted. I now have a couple of plastic vertebrae with scaffolding (hopefully with a NATO Serial Number) propping up my skull. Without this turning into a bleat, the hospital missed it first time around and I was sent home with codeine. Thanks for that NHS, you utter, utter twats. Luckily, and entirely due to my wife’s insistence, I was admitted the following day and operated on just in time. She literally saved my life(!)

The recovery was a bit of a bastard in that one of my legs wouldn’t work properly and my vision was affected in that I kept having sort of flashes in my right eye. Residual from the sepsis or the anesthesia? I have no idea. I did notice than my mental processing seemed to be affected, in that the sort of agility I (seemed to think I had) had more or less gone, you know, that sort of ability to process rapidly, that mental adroitness, and well, function. I find it burdensome at times, but you know what? Hey! I’m alive, and I so nearly was not.

Still hasn’t reduced the stash to any great degree though(!)


Welcome aboard to KitMaker, Mark.

Believe it or not, your letter was very inspirational. I’ve also got issues having been through an epic ringer (ongoing), but nothing like yours. … And I tend to pass many otherwise painful hours model building as much as possible. :hammer_and_wrench:

BTW: Your JEEP build is outstanding!



(Mike are you sure we weren’t separated at birth? I was just typing a very similar response…) - anyhow Mark, I already replied to you on the “hijacked” thread but welcome again, as you’ve discovered you’ve joined an international band of brothers whose hearts are firmly in the right place. Virtual we may be, but very real and hopefully given you a boost :+1:


Of course we were. I’m the right-side-up one. :slightly_smiling_face::upside_down_face:

—mike :grin:


Don’t get me started…

Corrected world map



I’m sorry to hear of your troubles.
Regarding the flashing in the eye, that sounds like a PVD, Post Vitreous Detachment. This is where the back of the eye is separating slowly from the Retina and is recognised sign of them coming apart. As long as you have no waterfall of pixels in your vision you’re fine as that would be a retinal bleed requiring urgent treatment.
It’s quite comforting for someone else to say they suffer from a brain fog. That’s been driving me crazy, although the medics don’t appear to be at all concerned about it. I really though it was just me.


Mark, I’m only mentioning my troubles (such as they are) to help alleviate your troubles!

For the record my leg and eye both went back to normal.

Anyway, back to modelling “Hi yo Silver - away!” - or similar.