A13 Mk.III Cruiser tank

Greeting,friends! Here is a little tutorial of my latest work with Bronco Model A13. This is really very difficult project for me. Bronco did a very bad work with this model. I am tired of it but I will finish this model any case.


Stage 2


Stage 3.


Stage 4. My latest update.


Your build is coming along beautifully! Keep up the awesome work!

Well worth going back over the older pics Artyom :+1:

Thank you! I will try but Bronco is a hard opponent :smiley:

Yes,looking at all that pictures I see hours,days and month of work…But only few details left and hull will be ready.

After adding all that detail it’s almost a shame to paint over it.

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Yes,I agree. But all my work are alike. :blush:

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@Artyom killer work!

Very nice scratch building, excellent workmanship. I built this kit once, it’s really bad and I never finished, you’re really making a gem out of this!

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Thank you for the comment and attention! Indeed. I know several people who has started this kit and never finished it because of total disappointment, I don’t know how Bronco developed this kit. We have survived vehicle in Bovington so we can only guess what was the problem to go to the Bovington and take all measurements. Amazing. To my mind the main problem and mistake of this kit is that Bronco didn’t show armor plates and their thickness. After that all geometry and details go to the trash bin.

So this is final update of the hull. All hatches are installed,all works have been done. I have made a basket and added some stowage. Also on other side I made a storage of additional track links. You can see that I made tracks horn hollow. Very disappointed that Bronco didn’t do that. But only a thought to make this conversion with all tracks makes my suffer and cry. I am not ready for that.
I future I will add some more stowage details.

Second part of photos is overview of the hull.

And the third one is for fun. May the Force be with you!


“This is the way…” (Lego Yoda looks more like ‘The Child’ Grogu.)

I can’t believe, that after all this work, you wimped out on detailing al the tracks. :rofl:

I bet you are glad to see the construction done Artyom.

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Yes, “this is the way”. Or “Don’t try.Do or do not. There are no attempts” - Yoda. I did everything I could. Maybe I could done better or more. This is about tracks :grin:

So impressive, a beautiful work of art already. There might be two options regarding the main tracks guide horns – either some mud to hide them…but I think you prefer only light weathering on your tanks (?), or if there is an indentation on the face of the horns where the hole should be you could try a black pin-wash which would settle in the indentation, to make it look like they are hollow. :tumbler_glass:

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Hi,Tim! Very nice to see you! Honestly I haven’t think about it it. Perhaps your suggestion is the best variant. I don’t really think that any manufacturer will release tracks for this tank. Pity but too much time has gone.
Unfortunately Robert payed my attention to one moment with wheels that I missed.
Correction will take a time because very hard to fix that when hull is full of details.


This is the final chapter. What is wrong with this turret? Almost everything. Turret is a single whole like it was casted for T-34. No armor plates at all. Nothing about their thickness.At first we should show these plates.Besides Bronco has not a good plastic to my mind .I have a problems to cut it or to make a strait lines. This plastic is very brittle. When you cut wrong way there are white traces staying on a model. Very hard to remove them. After that we should delete all rivets and nuts,they all wrong in wrong places. And app.30 per cent of them are missing on a model.That’s very sad. But after all it was expectedly. And I am keep going.

Some WIP photos.


Merry Christmas to all friends! Be healthy and lucky!

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Merry Christmas Artyom.