Abrams kits and projects discussion/feedback needed

I was doing some planning on my Abrams kits and projects I have in mind and I would like some feedback/suggestions regarding some of them.

First of all, here is a list of the kits and what I plan to do with them

Academy 13504 - M1A2 SEP v2 TUSK II
Academy 13504 - M1A2 SEP TUSK II
Dragon 3556 - M1A2 SEP V2
Dragon 3556 - undecided
Dragon 3535 - M1A1 AIM
Dragon 3536 - M1A2 SEP
Tamiya 35326 - M1A2 SEP TUSK I
Italeri 6390 - M1A2
Italeri 6438 - M1A1

I have a TUSK I resin/pe conversion set. It fits the Dragon kits perfectly but I am also considering using it with the Italeri kit (fits nearly as well). From my research I need an AIM/HA version for the TUSK I and I do not know if the Italeri kit is suitable for that. I can also use the Italeri kit for a 1st Gulf War build.

I am also trying to figure out what to do with the second SEP V2 kit. I can se it to do one more AIM tank (all parts included), use the TUSK I kit on the AIM kit and build the Italeri as a 1st Gulf War vehicle.

Also, if I am not mistaken, only upgraded M1A2 SEP versions received the TUSK sets, no ordinary M1A2 had one.

I would appreciate your suggestions on the above or any kind of feedback regarding the possible builds I can do. Take in mind that I have plenty of aftermarket items available (tracks, barrels, eduard pe sets and two Trumpeter 5 in 1 donor kits for mine rollers and TWMP)


Dragon M1A1 AIM build as Desert Storm.


You still need a plain vanilla M1 and an IPM1 to complete the list :sunglasses::+1:


If and when someone releases a kit I might do them (I ignore the Panada kit since I do not intend to build any of their kits after my struggle with their Tunguska kit).

I would be more interested in doing a Marine, an Australian and an Egyptian Army version.

Ok, noted.

I was looking into the Italeri kit and Vodnik’s review/comparison and I think it also can be used to represent a Desert Storm tank provided some additions and corrections are made.

Remember to add the non slip surface paint.

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Well Tamiya did an original M1. It’s a bit dated now, but can still look decent with a bit of work. Unfortunately, Panda is your best bet if you want an M1IP. Otherwise, it’s a lot of kit bashing and modifying parts to get one.

Panda’s M1IP turret shape looks all wrong. Photos show the M1IP having the ‘long’ mantlet of the M1A1/A2, but the Panda kit has the ‘short’ mantlet of the original M1.

[BTW not sure where these photos come from, so apologies if I’ve misused them].


The Panda M1 is not bad, am building it right now. Other than the tracks being incorrect, the rest is straightforward.

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I have done all 3 that you just mentioned this pic show my Egyptian M1A1 and Austrailian M1A1 SA they were both built using Tamiya’s M1A2 SEP TSK and back dated to the A1 you will have a couple of slight problems adding them to your collection for my Egyptian M1A1 I had to have custom decals made and for the Austrailain version the Aussies have a refrigerated cooler in the bustle rack to the right of the APU and the only source for that was a company in Australia but they have been out of business for a couple of years now if you want more detailed pics on my builds feel free to pm me


Looks like I am gonna need more Dragon AIM kits.

I have the decals for the Egyptian one ready and the conversion set for the Australian one.

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I love what you are doing as this is one of my goals as well, but I also am trying to build all the variations of the Bradley, M88, M113, M109, HUMWV, FMTV, HEMTT, and any other modern US military equipment. Now I just need the Model companies to give me what I want.


Thanks for the kind words. I have the M88 too on my list, got all the kits and the Legend A2 conversion but by the time I start them I bet there will be an A3 ready. The other are M48 and M60 plus Centurion in IDF service.


Too bad I’m not a diorama builder there is a good idea in building an 88 putting in some work towing an M1.

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Very cool i wish i had of known about the conversion set for the Aussie M1A1SA

There is another in the works.

Returning to the Abrams questions,

what is the timeframe of the Black Dog stowage set?


I scored one really cheap (10 euros) and by looking at the parts early '00s is my best guess.

Some parts are really subpar


Not sure, the backpacks look early 2000’s but other items like sea bag, bitch mat are timeless. Don’t get the propane tank and yes Black Dog can be very sub par. Luckily you got it cheap, some (not me) paid full price for it.


Iv done that a few times kit bashing a Tamiya M1 and a Tamiya M1A2 to get a IPM1
Now i wonder if a IPM1 can be Kit bashed using a Panda M1 and a RFM M1A1/A2 to build a IPM1?

Right on, Ken. That’s why I am CADding all the conversion parts to make an M1IP for my project. Just CADded the older type “doghouse” and crosswind sensor. I am hoping to finish the gun, turret, and storage baskets in Q2 2024 if I don’t get sidetracked.

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