Academy 1/350 Admiral Graf Spee

First time ship building here.
Time to learn new jargons and new technique how to build a ship.



Welcome aboard - looking forward to watching your build.


The Germans knew how to build great-looking warships.

Mark :beer:

It’s a nice sized ship to get started on,I tried the Trumpeter version and enjoyed it.

Looking forward to this! I recently bought the USS england to get my feet wet, but plan to get the Graf spee next!

Thanks for the welcome and the encouragement guys.

The hull was slightly warp, but they fit perfectly.
I had to glue the middle part first, once the glue settle, I then glued the front part and back part.

Now, ship question: there should be no parting line for the hull right ?


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Mark :beer:

Ben, great choice! Watching with interest :+1: My Graf Spee is also waiting with a lot of extra parts for its day :blush:

Thanks Mark

Covering some holes that were not supposed to be there.
I just grab some flat plastic from my bins of o’goodies plastic pieces and just cut to size and covered them holes.

If these holes are not covered, it will be visible.
I will clean it up later on.