Academy M151A1 ***COMPLETED***

It was recommended to me that I sign up on the new forums and bring this WIP thread from the old forum over here, so here goes…

This will be my first WIP on here.

I’m feeling the modeling urge flow again to start a new “quick” build to knock out before the year ends, so I started this little one on Saturday evening.

After two hours I had the engine, suspension/drivetrain, and most of the main basic assembly completed

Day 1 done


I only got in an hour or less in at the bench this morning, so some quick work. Based off what I was told regarding inaccuracies in this kit, I sanded the shape of the sides to correct the profile of the rear wheel area

Then I built and added added the radios, antenna mount, and dash area

Session 2 done


So, yesterday afternoon I finished up construction. Aside from a few small parts such as the rear view mirror, which I will add soon.

Based upon some information that I was told elsewhere, the windshield wiper motors have an issue. The motors are molded for the type that both swing left to right and back at the same time. But the blades are molded with the type that meet in the middle on each cycle, so one motor has to be inverted on the backside of the windshield. Which one to address? I opted for shaving off the driver side wiper motor and inverting it. 99.9% of people who see this build will not know any different.

And here with basic construction completed.

Painting starts in a bit here…


And the painting has begun! You can have your jeep in any colorful want…as long as it’s Olive Drab. Out of the factory, they were delivered in OD. The 7th Army MASSTER camo was applied in Europe at the unit level over the original OD. Based on a few photos and typical GI behavior, I’m going with the underside and engine compartment still in original OD. I used Revell enamel NATO Olive in this case. 20 years old and my little tin is still going strong.

I’ll let it dry overnite then start on the MASSTER camo colors tomorrow using Humbrol enamels.


It is coming along nicely. Gotta love these little M151s. They go together quickly and look pretty nice when done. Do you plan to add the spark plug wires and such under the hood?

Thank you. No, no plug wires for this one. It’s a quick project, and I’m not looking for any add ins to slow me down, as happens all too often on my projects. Since the hood will be closed anyways. Academy did include a pretty nice engine compartment on this kit, so it is a bit of a loss.

just looked at a picture of myself setting in the front last night! Course it didn’t have a windshield and you could see that the body was buckled, and it had been rolled twice.
(not by me). We had two Jeeps one I came aboard, and one seems to have completely vanished.

Gary, any chance that you can share the photo here? I always enjoy looking at those sorts of photos.

PM me

I’m a great fan of the MASSTER camo scheme, not least as I remember seeing it on the occasional visit to our base by the US Army, and the odd vehicle would attach itself to our Corps HQ when in the field.

'Looking very forward to seeing what you produce on this neat little kit. All vey nice so far.



Seems like you made the correct guess about which motor to invert

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Thanks for the feedback guys!
Robin, Gino/Heavy Arty schooled me on the windshield wiper motor issue on another site. Along with a few other issues. Otherwise I would have had no clue.

Base color of the MASSTER scheme, Humbrol enamel Sand FS 30277, airbrushed onto the topside.

More coming soon…

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Today’s progress update… I spent way more time masking with Silly Putty than I did airbrushing paint, stirring and thinning paint, and cleaning my airbrush… Man is that a task to use Silly Putty on such a pattern, I think that I need to buy another egg or two of the stuff…

Humbrol enamels:

First color, Matt Brown 186, which is supposed to be a good match for Earth Red FS 30117

Second Color, Matt Forest Green 150, which is supposed the match Forest Green FS 34127

I already know I’m gonna have to go back and do touch ups… one more color to go

I think that the folks at MASSTER studied the WWII German three color camo for their starting point.


Looks good. It is getting interesting.

As I say I love the MASSTER scheme - this is looking very good!

I’m at the point of deciding what colors/scheme to use on the AFC Club M109 Shop Van. The instructions have a very comprehensive selectin of overall OD, Forest Green, two variants of MERDC and finally the MASSTER scheme from USAREUR. Stikpusher is doing a great job with the Silly Putty. I don’t know if I’m up to masking that big ol’ shop van the same way… May have to fine-line with the MERDC.

For what it’s worth Jim, why not go with MASSTER? It’s a hand-painted scheme as I understand it so any brush marks are by implication, authentic (I would say that as I am on occasion, seen as a lazy modeller(!))

That said I believe MERDC was also hand-painted on some equipments so that too must be an option; I guess I’m just biased to what I saw during my service but I do so like MASSTER! Here’s a model from some time ago which whilst not as large as the Box Van at least (hopefully) shows what one can do on a larger model than the M151; I sprayed the sand on as a base colour then hand-painted the patterns. For those who are appalled at the German sign I’ve since revised it to conform with a more realistic type:

HTH somewhere in the decision-making process.



Hi Brian, nice M113 rig on the strasse.

I have used the MERDC scheme frequently over the years (sometimes in 1:1 scale…) and usually use an airbrush for the two main colors, and sometimes the third, sand or earth yellow, color. Black is usually hand-painted, like the 1:1 scale items.
Your M113 captures the hand-painted hard-edged color separation that I remember from traveling to FRG several times, and since then in reference books regarding REFORGER exercises. Mix in the new MERDC at the time, solid OD with POMCUS white registration numbers and stars… FTXs were kinda colorful!


Thanks Jim; I must admit I also like the MERDC too but only have one model in that scheme, the venerable Tamiya M60A2 built around 20 years ago, so probably wouldn’t withstand much scrutiny today!

Very nice models.