Academy M60A2 ready for paint

I had two, bought at a seriously inexpensive price, so I thought I’d build one. Unknown to me at the time of purchase, one had the DEF Models upgrade set in the box. Lots of fit issues, some mistakes on my part, but with some TLC, Takom and other bits and AFV Club tracks, it looks the part, I think… Please sing out if you see something I can fix. Three oddities about this kit: One, a plastic mantlet cover is shown in the instructions and parts tree amp, but is not in the kit, and two: Academy makes no mention of an antenna mount or base. I need to add that. I’ve also been told only one of the lower turret hatches should have a grab handle on it, but I have pics in the Sabot books of both hatches with handles. One more thing: Academy includes the armored cover for the TC’s main sight, but does not mention it in the instructions. This is the only Academy kit I’ve ever built with errors or omissions. Anyway, pics:
IMG_1184 by Russel Baer, on Flickr
IMG_1185 by Russel Baer, on Flickr
IMG_1186 by Russel Baer, on Flickr
Aside from the known issues related to the elderly hull, it wasn’t a bad build. I did have to fix a lot of fit and texture on the turret though.


Nice job. It will look great under paint. :+1: :+1: What scheme have you decided on?

Nice looking M60. I also like to see completed kits before the paint so you can see all the updates, scratch building that’s gone on. Be great to see the paint on next :+1:

Really nice focus on details! I will follow the painting result becuse such great job shall be a greatly represntation of the tank in color, too.


Thanks y’all. I think it would look great in MASSTER woodlands, but until I get a place where I can use an airbrush, I’m kind of limited to one color or hard edged multi-color I can do with a brush over a sprayed-on base. Short story: dark green.

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I looked your photos over closely admiring all the details . It is well done and nice to see a build im the raw so all the extra goodies can be seen

Russel, nice build and the M60A2 is one of my favourite Cold War protagonists. 'Not too sure what you mean by “MASSTER Woodland” - I believe the only real options you have for the beast are variations of the MERDC pattern, or plain OD.

Anyway, as I say nice build and I look forward to seeing this completed.

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Oops, yeah, I think I meant MERDC. I’ve been reading too many books. I got that from the caption of the big pic on pg 20/21 of the Sabot M60A2, Vol 2 book, referring to maintenance vehicles in the pic and not the -A2s.
But yeah, my model will be green.

You have a few options here concerning the MERDC. Officially, the MERDC scheme is meant to be applied with the two main colors sprayed on, and the two other colors brush painted; but, I have seen them where all the colors were brush painted, and where all the colors were sprayed. So you could spray the green and then brush the other colors.


As for the antenna “base” (antenna matching unit),it is at the right rear of the turret, near the searchlight dismounted mount. It should be glued to the turret, not to the bracket which supports the turret basket.


Also, two grooves on either side of the center periscope for the driver, these were to drain rain water around the hatch


Thanks Carl. I have the base on correctly, but it’s too late for the rain channels, paint is on.

You can still add those grooves if you want. They are not very deep. Just scrape them in using the point of a knife blade, then add a touch of rust paint. On the other hand, if you leave them off, as they are so small, MOST people won’t even notice (they also won’t notice if they are there)!

Base color on, Rustoleum “camo green”.
IMG_1328 by Russel Baer, on Flickr


I agree, you can improve the kit even when the first layer of paint is on. You are free to re-paint a certain area as the weathering, filters etc will even out (homogenize?) the color at the end.

I think I can live without the drain grooves being present, maybe… :sunglasses:

We-ee-eell, now that you know about it and you know that we know about it …
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Looking great!

do you assembly only half return roller?

Yes, to make it easier installing the tracks after weathering. I do that a lot.