Academy M981 FISTV

That set is a possibility for conversion. How likely would it be for the FIST crew to wear full battle rattle while driving? I know the body armor of course, and swapping out the heads for some wearing CVCs, but LBE worn in the hatches as well?

If jumping in quickly and not going far, the LBEs could be left on. You could always shave the LBEs off the figures as well.

There are these guys from Verlinden if you want them in MOPP4 as well.

Verlinden 1/35 US Tank Crew in CBR Battle Dress (381)

as soon as the place dries out again. It’s in a park that is really a big mud hole. I go near there a lot on fishing trips. Could have done that when the ground was frozen, but now it’s ankle deep mud

I have that set and am planning to use them on my Marine M60A1 ERA, since they fought an engagement in MOPP4



Sounds good, thanks.

Oh man, I just found that I updated the wrong thread for this build! I posted my last update on somebody else’s M981 thread! :shushing_face:

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So here are my update photos that belong here instead of on the other FISTV thread….

Indy link tracks on…

and optics accordion type bellows added using a bendable straw section…

My next tasks are to create some brush guards for the rear two antennas from straws as suggested by Gino, and I’m working on creating a couple of crew figures…


Looking good. I used the same bendy straw idea for the optics and wiring trunk as well. It works perfectly and looks great.

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It’s looking really nice.



I have the academy kit kit you use the box track, or did you order after market and if you did what did you order?

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Looks like the AFV Club snap together/workable track, but I could be wrong.

I often am; just ask my Wife.


I think we have a similar issue.

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I used the kit tracks that came in the box. They are indy link tracks, and not rubber band type.


Thank you and a lot of respect for you sir I don’t have the testicular fortitude to mess with the kit tracks.

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Thanks! The kit tracks aren’t that difficult to apply… :wink: Just time consuming clean up on the mating surfaces with needle files to insure a smooth fit.


Maybe you could help me with a question if I’m building a Dessert Storm era which style of track should I use?

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Referance your earlier M113 track post, T130 tracks.

The T150 tracks were not used until the late 2000-teens.


thank you I’m going to fall back on my memory issues. I completely forgot I already got an answer to that.


I was clearly ahead of my time. As a Forward Observer in an SP M109 Direct Support Battalion, in a Mech Infantry Division, my assigned vehicle was an M151 1/4 Ton with a trailer. My Comms were a VRC-46 radio mounted in the jeep and a GRC-160 mounted on the other side, which was simply a vehicle mount into which you could install and remove a portable PRC-77.

To actually support either the Infantry or Tank units, I’d either have to try to follow along with the tracked vehicles in my jeep, OR politely be asked to remove the PRC-77 and join the Company Commander in an M-113. And since the TANK CO wouldn’t even THINK about fighting his unit from anyplace else than his own command tank, that was a problem.

I complained loud and long that if the maneuver guys wanted to have immediate fire support, the FA community needed to have a tracked vehicle for the FO (or Fire Support Team), so we could keep up.

Boy would I have loved to have been assigned to one of these!