Ads on Kit Maker sites

'Evening All,

What is with the sudden proliferation of ads on these sites? If they must be there, could they be something more appropriate to the hobby?


Chris Preston


Glad I’m not the only one to notice this. Now there’s a huge ad at the top of the page below the top banner that pushes all content down two inches. Its on both phone and the Discourse app. And the number of in-thread ads has increased by at least 50%. Sometimes I see an add every two posts.

I could tolerate that, but its unbelievable how many of the ads are horribly inappropriate. Easily half are for one livecam/camgirl site whose name I forget. And before anyone says that’s based on history and cookies…it’s not. I don’t view or solicit that mess or anything remotely like it.

This should be a family-friendly site.


Most frequent ad I get are for female celebrity autographs, most of whom I do not recognize.


I see a lot of Macy’s ads and Shein fashion ads tho fishing lures are common too


I keep getting this ad…no idea why…no inappropriate stuff…never had any celebrity autograph ads or Macy’s

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Buy one and see if you get “sanctioned!” :motor_boat:

—mike :grin:

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Sanctioned? Looks like no yachting for me…LOL

Hmm, Joe would probably try to take away my Floqil and make me use environmentally friendly crayons :crayon: made from old vegetables.

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How does “old joe” relate to the discussion about the increased adds on KitNetwork?

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yep I’ve seen a few adds for women’s underwear which i thought was extremely odd.

It all helps to keep the site alive in difficult times and only means you need to scroll passed them. Sorry if they are irksome.


I certainly appreciate that and understand. Scrolling a bit further isn’t a burden. But can we limit the genres or type of ad? I should be able to browse Kitmaker with my wife and kids around…

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I got this, probably beauce I have bought a wifi-mesh network from the local supplier Kjell & Co

Haven’t seen any ladies underwear for months.

The Google ad algorithms are a mystery and keept as secret as possible by Google.
Lingerie possibly creeps in due to being included in some other category.
Some months ago I watched some YouTube videos made by two different car mechanics
and Google ads here at Kitmaker gave me ads for automotive spare parts.

A shipping ad (cruise line) makes perfect sense in the Ships forum.
Unwanted ads can be avoided by intentionally showing interest in something else,
maybe start googling for tips on how to operate an orchard and see what happens.

If you have a fixed IP-address then it could be that someone else in the household has looked and womens clothes (shopping for a dress maybe). If you don’t have a fixed IP-address then maybe someone else in another part of town has been looking at undressed ladies.

On the Kitmaker level I got this:

Never been interested in tobacco products, maybe one of the kids have been curious and researched for some homework

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It’s gotten better since I started reporting them through Google’s system. I have a VPN so perhaps that’s part of it.

Most ads are benign.

As annoying as they are I’m just glad they’re not ‘floating’ ads that stay in your face as you scroll through the topics,

Cajun :crocodile:


I’m looking a this ad and I’m thinking…

I don’t know WHAT to think. :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

Glow in the dark truck nuts for cyclists?


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I really thank you for posting that advert as I laughed so hard wife was getting ready to call an ambulance.

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I now have started getting a pop up add when I first go to Armorama and click forums Everything is then blurred and the add pops up

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Poor guys, I got some sweethearts for me … :smile:

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They could be. However the forum software is not very friendly to outside ad server software. It was working on the header section for the browser version of the forum and then it abruptly stopped working. Not that I don’t have some Google ads in our normal selection of ads on KitMaker’s Ad server but for the most part they were 80% hobby related. The bad part was they would stick on loading the first time and just keep repeating every time you changed pages. Anyway… it’s a work in progress. I hope to update our adserver software to a version that supports this type of site and will rotate loading ads on each page. The mobile version is still working as normal and I just realized I had (2) medium box ads appearing on the top of the site so I just switched that off today.