Advice On New Air Brush

My really old model Master Airbrush has died after many years of faithful service and I am looking for advice on a replacement. I need one that can doe a medium to very fine spray and was thinking of an Iwata…any advice?

You can’t go wrong with an Iwata.


I have an Iwata HP-CS very happy with but check out Don Wheelers site for reviews and helpful info

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I’ve been airbrushing for 40 years and own 5 airbrushes. I’ll narrow it right down for you - Iwata HP - C+.

i am very happy with the Grex TG, many different cup,needle/nozzle sizes for different jobs plus the possibility to fit the Fan spay nozzle cap for large area…Iwata are great but majority of the time you are stuck with that nozzle and cup,i like option and Iwata politics look like “you get what you get and you dont get upset”…or you buy a 2° or 3° brush… :laughing:

but i have also a soft spot for the H&S Infinity…maybe one day… :shushing_face:

Very useful guide for Iwata airbrushes:

According to it, you are looking for Hi Line or High Performance plus lines:

High Performance,

At least for the side cup I have switched mine out for the larger Aztek cups, work’s great and cheaper then Iwata cups.

I also order from Dixie Art, they where the cheapest around when I got mine years ago.

I have just got out of the box an Iwata HP-B, the first time I try an Iwata. It looks like it´s going to work very well. The only thing I don´t like at all is that it comes with a 0.5mm needle and the cup has no cover. But for the few times I have already used, I’m satisfied.

Strange, I don’t use them but I thought both of mine did come with one.

Yep, I thought the same, but as I said, brand new opened and no cover. It has the 1.5ml cup so I don’t mind, usually it has a very small amount of paint on it.

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:+1: I have been lucky only recall one or two times with no top being an issue. Usually I don’t load enough paint to cause a problem with a bad angle. I also use a different cup now as I think I broke shaft on the iwata cup, the larger cup diameter and height help too.


I never used a cover on any of my airbrushes. I never found a need for one, but I think the cover is just another one of those personal things.

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Don’t buy airbrush with screw nozzle!
You can easily brake the nozzle if you tighten it too much, which will happen eventually :slight_smile:
Buy one with self-centered one like Iwata HP-CS or H&S Evolution/Infinity. I have both and I’m very happy.

Simple answer, Iwata HP-CS.

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You know, you can change the nozzles and needles on the Iwatas.

Can you explain what it is about the HP-Cs that you like so much?

I need to replace my Badger Anthem 155 (lost the needle chuck nut) and Id like an idea of what I’ll be getting…

Hi, I have to say that the Iwata airbrush was my first quality airbrush, I had used the cheap one that came with my compressor, with reasonable success. I read some reviews and watched videos on YouTube, that spoke favourably about the Iwata. So I purchased one and have to say that my experiences with it have been brilliant. It’s very easy to use, balanced in the hand, has not clogged or shown any sign of tip drying and a biggy for me, cleaning is so easy. Just holding it in the hand, it oozes quality. I like it so much, I’ve got two! I’d recommend it to anyone.

HP-C is a good industry standard air brush. You get what you pay for.
There are other air brushes that are also top quality. The challenge is that you buy sight unseen. Few people have the option to try out different models to make a a decision. You rely on opinions and technical specs and hope for the best.
I have an HP-CH, HP-CS and an HP-A.
I use the HP-CS for most of my work.(mostly base coats, but it could do more.)
I use the HP-CH for fine work (I could use the HP-CH for all of my work to be honest)
I seldon ever use the HP-A
You might think about an HP-CH and buy an additional smaller needle and nozzel instead of two different airbrushes.
I have been happy with the quality and reliability of my airbrushes but I am also a proponent of a surgically clean airbrush also.

Can’t go wrong with Badger’s lifetime warranty. I’ve had them overhaul an airbrush (model 250) that I bought in 1980. All it costs is the shipping. I have several friends in our local modeling club who’ve done the same over the years.

@Denimo : Contact Badger and ask them how much for the replacement needle chuck nut. You can probably get the info over the phone. Will certainly be less than a whole new airbrush.


Thanks for the advice but when I contacted them I was diverted to USA Airbrush Supply. They had one chuck left but with shipping to Canada it was nearly $40.

I just bought the Patriot 105 from Amazon. $100 with free shipping.