AeroScale offline for a bit

AeroScale has been under attack for several days now. I have taken it offline just to see if that leads to the bots, Russian, whoever, opting to move to another target. If not I have a few other options (all of them costing money of course) I can try. I already upgraded the instance for AeroScale/RRM/ModelGeek but alas the extra CPU bandwidth was just sucked up by the attackers. :frowning:



Hi Jim,
Just to let you know, I posted a news story on Aeroscale and it hasn’t created a “What’s New” post on the forums.
Andy :slight_smile:

Yeah apparently that’s been going on since the 17th forward articles. Must be some setting I adjusted on the server that is now fouling up that connection to a remote server. Will have to look at this when I get back from Florida most likely. That will be next Tuesday.

Please check also Modelgeek when you are back, I would say it has the same problem.

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Yes that would make sense as well as RailRoad Modeling too as they share the same server/instance.

Another issue I have just found
I manually created the link to the feature, but when accessing from a different computer the preview image was not showing on the forum message.
Once I entered (passing through the new ip check or whatever it is), then the image appeared on forum post.

I understand that the link does not work if you have not been cleared for the site first.