AFV 1/35 M1128 MGS in progress

Hi everyone. New here but not really. I was on the old forum a few years ago but never signed up for the new one until now.

I am working on the AFV M1128 MGS and here is where I am currently at. It will be more up to date as I am adding the Blast Models driver enhancement kit and cooling system. They are not shown yet because I am waiting to add them as I need the Eduard PE update set which I do not have.

Hoping someone can help. I am looking for the Eduard 1/35 M-1128 MGS 36068 set. Eduard says discontinued and I contacted them and they are not re-issuing it. I also searched the usual online stores and can’t find a set. If anyone has a set available and not using it, I will pay a reasonable price for it. I am located in the USA.

This is the set I am looking for. I mostly need just the two vented boxes on the rear of the commander’s turret hatch, the two boxes on the ends of the main gun housing and all the .50 cal gun shield parts.


Nice looking kit.


Looks like your build is off to a fantastic start.

PE looks fantastic!

Welcome Twong. Hope you find the pE kit somewhere. Great start on the build … Looks great :+1:


Thank you!

Thanks! Not my PE work. That is the Eduard sample photo. I am looking for a set of the PE.

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Thanks! So far no luck.

If you are interested, this Eduard set is available from GD KITS in Switzerland.

Thank you very much, greatly appreciated! I just placed the order.

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How about this for inspiration?



Shame the Army cancelled the M1128, replacing it with the Dragoon. Granted, the MGS was hard to maintain and the autoloader was finicky.

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Unfortunately, there isn’t any slat armor kit for the M1128. Never made by PE manufacturers.

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I know. I wanted to get a slat armor cage for my M1126 build, but couldn’t find one. So I just built it as if the vehicle was back stateside.


Thanks for the images. The one with the mine roller and slat armor is cool. I originally planned to do my MGS as one used in Iraq but as Terminator said in the post below, no slat armor for the MGS kit available.

I do have the Trumpeter M1132 Stryker ESV with the mine roller and plan to start that one soon. No slat armor going on the ESV kit either but I do plan to add the Eduard additional armor and blast panels. The slat armor is twice as much as I paid for the Trumpeter kit so passed on it.

Here is an M1126 image I found that says it is in Kandahar. It has the blast panels.

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As you said, no slat armor available for the MGS kit. I was thinking of getting the M1126 slat armor and modifying it to fit the MGS but the MGS slat armor bulges out at the sides. The PE slat armor is really expensive though so passed on it.


Great build. I hope mine comes out as nice as yours.

Eduard still has the slat armor available for a few different versions of the Stryker but they are going for $50 and up.

Scalehobbyist has a few of the Eduard PE slat armor listed for $39.59 plus $10 shipping so it comes to almost $50 without tax. A bit too expensive for me.

It also has two DUKE antennas and the modified exhaust.

Watch this to see why the M1128 was canceled and no longer supported.

  • No A/C before (M1128s now equipped with A/C units)
  • Unarmored autoloader and shells
  • Cramped spaces with lots of equipment
  • Too small hatches to escape
  • Probably bad fields of view
  • No V-hull or double-V hull

Will these go to Ukraine is anyone’s guess…

The 105mm Mobile Protected Firepower will add “tank firepower” to US Army light and Airborne forces.

I knew it was cancelled because they didn’t upgraded them with the DVH. I was not aware of the unarmored ammo hold. That will be an issue.