AFV Club Sd. Kfz. 11

You’re absolutely right, with the back end constructions were a lot of problems.
I did cut some material of the rear crew seats of because they just weren’t going to fit in that narrow space.
I had done a lot of sloppy cutting on the rear compartment just out of frustration and wanting to get the job done.
Did learn a lot of new things of this build of course, but it wasn’t exactly a fun experience to be honest.

??? I I don’t recall having any problems fitting the rear crew seats. ???

Just say’n

They were way to broad for me to ever let them fit in that tight space between the rear body and the inside.
It was such a tight fit.
It even was going to damage the rest of the assembly if I didn’t do that.
Maybe I’m just inexperienced or it’s just me.
But for me, it didn’t go quite well.

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Perhaps you are right, maybe i did have to shorten, taper the ends and round the rear corners of the seat cushions to get them to fit in the given space. My bad.


@modelbouwnederland Roland, I think you did well powering through a challenging AFV Club build. Perseverance pays off in model building and the real world too. Nicely done.

You did excellent work getting the tracks to tuck up nice and tight on the sprocket and idler. Definitely see a big leap forward with this model.

Happy to hear that working with the airbrush is going well. A++ on perseverance!

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I like this half-track, in combination with a gun and some figures it’s my favorite project. I really enjoy watching your report​:+1::v:

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Nice finish and well done for sticking with it and getting it altogether. Its a long learning curve and as Khouli said, model fatigue does set in with everyone from time … its just finding out your best way to deal with it.