Air brushing Stynylrez

Anyone have any tips for a better time airbrushing stnylrez? It is going on fine but my AB gets clogged so frequently I feel like I am spending half my time cleaning and half primining. I’m using a Paasche VL with the 0.5 mm tip if that’s helps. Spraying at around 30 psi

Had the same problem, turns out it should be thinned. I had Vallejo airbrush thinner on hand and it seems to work fine, no more clogging. Don’t have an exact ratio as I typically just do a few drops in the paint cup and stir it around.

Interesting, it claims not to thin on the bottle. Maybe I’ll give it a try in a test cup and then on some test plastic. I don’t have Vallejo thinner but have Tamiya and RO water, as well as IPA

I’ve not had that issue but perhaps I’m in a higher humidity area.

I almost guarantee you are, my house is at 15% humidity right now. Painting is no problem but the primer dries out incredibly fast. Outside is around 30%

I have a bunch of these, & they ‘appear’ to be of different thicknesses, due to pigment density, age, etc.

White is thickest, & most trouble with tip dry, etc, then the greys, silver, then black, with the light flesh, sand, & gloss black being the thinnest.

I have some light flesh & sand that due to age, have separated. I’m told that poor transport, freezing or age can cause this, but I don’t yet know if this can be salvaged. I will be asking the UK importer.